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14 Best Things To Do in Hai Ba Trung District


As one of the first four districts in Hanoi (before the city saw grand expansion and now has a whooping 30 districts), Hai Ba Trung is where the fusion of modernity and nostalgia is manifested in the air, through every single corner.

16 Best Boutique Hotels and Resorts in Hoi An


Hoi An is the junction of the elegantly ancient beauty of the town, the charm of sunshine beach and the tranquility of gracefully beautiful river, all together making it a perfect destination for unwinding. In fact, Hoi An is so packed with quality boutique accommodation that it never fails to miss its name from the top best in world travel list. Each boutique hotel in Hoi An is characterized by its sheer style and services as well as lovely touches, differentiating themselves from other chained hotels in the world. Boutique hotels are so prevailing in the town and in its outskirt that you could find it hard to not be attracted by one of them when searching for your ideal accommodation in the historical town.

$35 For A Hotel Night? Here Are Hanoi's 8 Best Bets


Apart from luxurious hotels with world class service, Hanoi also hosts an incredible number of mid-range and budget options. It's easy to find a hotel deal for less than $40 and you are still amazed at the package included: airport pick up, hotel stay, free breakfast, and a hard-to-beat-for-the-price room with its own bathtub! With the current rate of competition, the price can only get better from here. If you want to get the best bang for your bug, start with our below list for the best value hotel in town.

17 Best Hanoi Hotels For Family


Providing the finest family-friendly hotel facilities is obviously a critically important business segment of nearly all hotels everywhere and Hanoi is not an exception. For family travel, it goes without saying that the scene should be the perfect balance between time for children, time for parent and time as a family. To begin with, most family hotels offer numerous room types from classic doubles suites with just a cot to spacious interconnecting rooms and even a stand alone three-bedroom apartment with its own garden at luxury hotels. Small children certainly share room with parents and you just pay for their meals. And since you bring you children, there are a great number of specially-designed amenities that may have been the backdrop for many precious family memories.

8 Unique Traditions and Cultural Traits of the Mekong Delta area


The Mekong Delta, which is the newest and the biggest river delta of Vietnam, is the country’s largest rice and fruit manufacturer. The Mekong Delta would not be thriving as it is today without the joint efforts to reclaim the land that had been abandoned of four main ethnic groups, including the Vietnamese, Chinese, Khmer and Cham. These four have coexisted and harmonized to turn the Mekong Delta into such a productive region. In addition, the influences of each group and those of nature have also laid a solid foundation for the modern pattern of the Mekong Delta. In this article, we have selected eight unique traditions and customs of this region so that readers can acquire a grasp of the most prominent cultural traits, which tend to be heavily influenced by nature, of the locals here.

Smoked Pork


The dish is certain to bring tourists an impressive and unforgettable feeling through its rustic and moreish taste.

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