5 Most Popular Phone Stores in Hue

Taking photos, listening to some music while jogging or keeping contact with your friends on your vacation - your phone can be your best travel buddy. Now you happen to be in Hue, your electronic devices are not working well and you need to get a new one. Well, get one!

Hue cannot be the best place for your clothes purchase (except Ao Dai), but there are some good electronic shop addresses for you to write down.

The Gioi Di Dong

Owing to the reputation, The Gioi Di Dong is one of the most favourite electronic suppliers among Vietnamese. With 6 stores located around the city, it will not take you too much time to get to the shops. There are thousands of electronic products available at each outlet, so you can get everything you need on one go. So convenient, right? Another important reason makes The Gioi Di Dong popular is that all of the products are strictly verified. Categories available: computer, screen, phone, laptop, electronic accessory, tablet, speaker, camera,...
Photo: thegioididong.com 


  • 85 Dinh Tien Hoang Street, Thuan Thanh Ward, Hue
  • 02 Nguyen Sinh Cung Street, Vy Da Ward, Hue
  • 75 Hung Vuong Street, Phu Hoi Ward, Hue
  • 57 Ba Trieu Street, Xuan Phu Ward, Hue
  • 101 Bui Thi Xuan Street, Phuong Duc Ward, Hue
  • 254 Nguyen Trai Street, Tay Loc Ward, Hue

FPT Shop

FPT is one of the pioneers in the era of modernizing Vietnam technology. With superiority in many fields of technology, FPT Groups know what are the best products for their customers. Each shop is a place where thousands of available electronic models from different famous brands such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, and so on. Besides, FPT always offers various sale programs and extra gifts on every occasion.
Photo: fptshop.com.vn


  • 105-107-109 Hung Vuong Street, Phu Nhuan Ward, Hue
  • 10 Hung Vuong Street, Phu Hoi Ward, Hue
  • 06 Nguyen Hue Street, Vinh Ninh Ward, Hue
  • 53 Tran Hung Dao Street, Phu Hoa Ward, Hue

Media Mart

This brand is well-known for the goods’ diversity, which is the best advantage of Media Mart. This young business is now quite a popular destination for technology and electricity lovers in the central and northern area of Vietnam. Media Mart is gradually gaining its reputation in the national market share with more than a hundred branches in 28 cities and provinces . At Media Mart, you can easily find out your favourite devices at reasonable prices and great services.
Photo: mediamart.vn


  • 53 Pham Van Dong Street, Vy Da Ward, Hue

Viettel Store

Viettel is known as the biggest telecom groups in Vietnam. However, most visitors do not know that it is also an electronic retailer in Vietnam. Purchasing technology products at Viettel you will be able to get access to a wide variety of discount telecom services such as 4G data, special deal SIM,... The phones on offer are not a whole lot, but it will help with a quick fix.
Photo: cafef.vn 


  • 78 Hai Ba Trung Street, Vinh Ninh Ward, Hue

Nguyen Kim

The first modern electronic and electric retailer in Vietnam is now still maintaining their best qualified products. After two decades from a small store in Ho Chi Minh City, Nguyen Kim branches are now available at every province and city in Vietnam. Professional service is an important element that makes this brand develop day by day. Nguyen Kim provides customers with different electronic categories of products from the basic to the luxurious. Besides, if you find any technical problems, you can easily exchange your purchased models.
Photo: nguyenkim.com  


  • 100 Le Loi Street, Phu Hoi Ward, Hue

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