Charcoal Grilled Fish

The locals seem quite passionate about steamed dishes and “ca nuong do” is one of which. Various kinds of fish, such as carp, catfish that are caught in the Đà River, fresh and nutritious, are broiled with thin sticks poked through the fish’s body and bamboo clips maintaining the fish right above the fire. The bamboo clips are bound to enhance the taste of the dish with the fresh fragrant flavor. The fish, after broiled, is sprinkled with salt, wrapped into banana leaves and steamed. It is common to serve steamed broiled fish with “com lam” (rice in bamboo tube). “Com lam” is sticky and aromatic while steamed broiled fish is salty, tender. Indeed, the combination definitely whets appetite of anyone through the harmony of sweet flavors of fish and rice.
Photo by @toiyeuhoabinh

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