Getting To Danang By Train

Danang is easily reached by train from other major destinations in Vietnam. Find below train timetables from different destinations to Danang.

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Train from Hanoi to Danang (South-bound)

Length: 791km

Travel time: 18 hrs


TrainDepart HanoiArrive Danang
SE110:15 PM2:32 PM (+1 day)
SE37:25 PM
12:14 PM (+1 day)
SE58:50 AM
1:57 AM (+1 day)
SE76:00 AM11:44 PM

Train from Ho Chi Minh City to Danang (North-bound)

Length: 935 km

Travel time: 19 hrs


TrainDepart Ho Chi Minh CityArrive Danang
SE29:55 PM3:45 PM (+1 days)
SE47:25 PM12:56 PM (+1 days)
SE68:40 AM3:13 AM (+1 days)
SE86:00 AM00:54 AM (+1 days)

Train from Hue to Danang (South-bound)

Length: 103km

Travel time: 3hrs


TrainDepart HueArrive Danang
SE111:55 AM2:32 PM
SE39:34 AM12:14 PM
SE511:17 PM1:57 AM (+1 day)
SE79:09 PM11:44 PM

Train from Nha Trang to Danang (North-bound)

Length: 524km

Travel time: 11 hrs


TrainDepart Nha TrangArrive Danang
SE25:37 AM3:45 PM
SE43:12 AM12:56 PM
SE64:33 PM
3:13 AM (+1 day)
SE82:20 PM0:54 AM (+1 day)

How to book

You can get tickets from the ticket booths at the city train stations - which is the cheapest way to buy one. Sometimes buying the ticket off the counter can save you up to 30%.

However, sometimes it might be risky to wait and book at last minute (even 2-3 days in advance are considered last minute) - seats or berths on popular route are not always available. Ticket agents will charge you a commission when you reserve online - most will provide free ticket delivery. 

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