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Set on a city center's renowned fashion street with a cutting edge checked exterior, Zen Plaza is one of the most appealing destinations for fashion followers in Ho Chi Minh city. Widely regarded as a heaven for many local brands of Vietnamese designers, nowadays, it also becomes home to many international brands. Covering up to 8 floors of the Zen building, this mall offers genuine shopping and dining experience to thousands of locals and visitors.
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Fashion Area

Before prestige fashion branch names of the world converge here, Zen Plaza is widely regarded as a regular gathering place of 20 Vietnamese top designers at Designer Boutique on ground floor and 2nd floor.

The highlight of this shopping center is its stunning vibe of local fashion in the air. Exhibited at the lobby of Zen Plaza are unique costumes of Vietnamese designers for contests or in local and international renowned fashion weeks as: Vietnam Collection Grand Prix, Singapore Fashion Connections, Vietnam Fashion Week. This is the best place in Vietnam to take a closer look at these distinct costumes and learn more about the booming fashion industry that has not yet made its name to the world stage. 

Not only does Zen Plaza focus on local styles, it also attracts hundreds of international brands outlets. You can easily find different items of fashion and accessories on the 1st and 2nd floor. For any fashion followers who are curious about local trend, the terrace area of Zen
Photo: nhadatgiaodich.comPlaza is a usual place of fashion events where you can update styles and trends following each season of Vietnamese fashion designers.


On the basement floor B1, the supermarket ensures to supply affordable and high quality goods and facilities for families, varying from groceries, meat, dairy products to other daily necessities.

Food and Beverage Stores

A vivid culinary gathering of local restaurants to Asian or Western style food eateries waits for visitors to discover the 5th floors. There are also a couple of restaurants lying on the terrace area of the mall.


Address: 54-56 Nguyen Trai, Ho Chi Minh city

Opening hours: 9:00am - 10:00pm

Hotline: (028) 3925 0339

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