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Hang Dao Street


Hàng Đào has been a busy trading place for silk products for centuries and much of that vibe can still be felt today.

Hang Gai Street


Hàng Gai, or Store of Thorn, is a short street that links Hang Bong to Hang Đao.

Hang Bong street


One of the longest streets in the Old Quarter, Hàng Bông leads Hoan Kiem Lake to the South Gate of the city (Cua Nam).

Hang Buom street


Hàng Buồm runs east-west and cuts with Hang Duong and Ma May at two ends.

Ma May street


Mã Mây is located in the Old Quarter and connects between Hàng Bạc and Hàng Buồm streets.

Cha Ca Street


Used to be known as Hang Son (Paint Street), it was later renamed to Chả Cá thanks to the fame of Doan family in making the world famous fish dish.

Hang Dieu street


Running North South and connecting Hàng Gà and Thành Road, Hàng Điếu used to be a major producing and trading place for Vietnamese cigarettes.

Trang Tien Street


This is one of the most visited streets, simply because of its proximity to the Old Quarter.

Ton Duc Thang street


Used to be known as Hàng Bột (the Flour street), this long and always busy street is now only remembered as Ton Duc Thang.

Cat Linh street


Few people would know Cát Linh unless they really venture out to the city or they stay at Horison Hotel.

Tran Phu street


Lined with old trees and embassy, this is one of the most beautiful boulevards in Hanoi.

Hang Ma Street


Hàng Mã is the favourite streets for children and adults alike.

Ha Trung street


A tiny and curvy street that links Phùng Hưng and Hàng Da market.

Best Time to Visit Yen Bai


With dramatic landscapes, the landmark of rice terraces and the culture enriched by numerous minorities, Yen Bai can satisfy tourists who take delight in traveling off the beaten path. Before setting out to explore its attractions, take into account the following information to choose the best time for you to visit Yen Bai.

6 Best Places To Stay On Tuan Chau Island


Tuan Chau Island amazes travelers for its mind-blowing location and a sheer abundance of decent hotels and resorts. They are generally priced reasonably and fitted with adequate conveniences. More significantly, delightful vistas of crystal clear waters, fresh atmosphere, and mesmerizing Halong Bay seascapes make fascinating views for those accommodations. Here is the list of the 6 best places to stay on Tuan Chau Island that are worth your glance.

10 Best Mid-range Hotels To Stay In & Near Halong Bay


Ha Long Bay is one of the most famous natural world heritages in Vietnam. It has a beautiful scene and become the favorite destination for many people all around the world. The budget and mid-range hotels are scattering all over the Bai Chay area, with rates as low as $10 per room night. There is no luxury service but it has all you can ask for an adequate stay.

10 Best City Hotels For Your Stay in Hue


The elegant imperial city of Hue is packed with attractive tourist attractions: the poetic Huong River, Trang Tien Bridge or Thien Mu Pagoda, Bach Ma National Park, Thai Hoa Palace, the Forbidden city, not to mention the great many restaurants, night clubs and souvenir shops. A stay in the central part of Hue will give you close access to everything. City hotels differ in style and price, but most will be within a reasonable budget. Below are some of the best to pick for your holiday.

6 Best Luxury and Boutique Hotels In Dalat For A Memorable Stay


Dalat is one of the most famous city retreats in Vietnam ever since the French colonial time. As such, the city hosts a number of luxury hotel options catering to high-end travelers since the old days. Almost always occupying the best location: either close to the center of nestling off in the suburb, these hotels are often an oasis, ensuring tranquility and exuberance all throughout. Treat yourself to some of the best stays you can find in Vietnam and see the difference.

7 Best Budget Stay Options For Sapa


Along with the expedited development of tourism in Sapa in recent years, the number of hotels and accommodation venues in this attractive destination also increase massively. Many of these places are mid-range and budget with adequate services aiming at the popular tourists and backpackers who are not willing to pay high price for their accommodations. The price for rooms at those hotels is much more reasonable for the popular travelers with only USD 20-40 per night for a standard room.

9 Best Beachfront Hotels & Resorts For Your Danang Vacation


Da Nang has 3 main beach areas: Bac My An beach, My Khe beach and Son Tra beach. Among them, My Khe beach is the place with highest rated hotels. In general, beach front stay options are plentiful, ranging from 6 star resorts costing up to $1000 per night to budget hostels in the low $30. All of them either own a private beach slice, or have direct access to the public beach. Get to know some of the best names for your beach getaway in Danang.

7 Reasons To Fall In Love With Hanoi


From the view point of foreigners, Hanoi possesses patterns that are spectacular enough to make the capital city of Vietnam stand out from any other cities in Asia.

9 Ideas To Spend Your Full Day in Nha Trang


Nha Trang is one of the most visited tourist locations in Vietnam, for both foreign guests and locals alike. Boasting amazing white sandy beaches and blue seas, all of which are considered one of the best in the world, Nha Trang is a place that will guarantee wandering visitors a worthwhile experience with many things to do. Here are 9 of the most recommended ways for one to spend their day in this amazing coastal city.

6 Best Places To Do Your Shopping In Phu Quoc


Not the best shopping paradise you can find in Southeast Asia, Phu Quoc still has plenty for you to discover. Skip the world famous chain and help yourself with some unique, sometimes bizarre local specialty instead.

6 Best Places To Get Your Liquor In Hanoi


There is nothing better than enjoying a self-prepared dinner, sipping a glass of wine and cherishing the passing moments. The good news: Hanoi has far more places to get a quality liquor from than you can imagine. There are various types on sale, from foreign wine to Vietnamese alcohol beverage, which can dazzle locals and tourists alike. Check out the 6 best liquor stores below to save you the hassle:

9 Best Things To Do While You're In Phu Quoc


Phu Quoc is a small island off the Southern coast of Vietnam. In the past decade, Phu Quoc has been rapidly growing, from a simple fishing to a resort filled, modern and robust island in collective local effort in pushing Phu Quoc to become a world class beach destination. From golf courses, amusement parks, national parks to snorkeling spots, visitors coming to Phu Quoc will not be disappointed with the amount of daytime activities one can participate during their stay. Here are 9 of the highly recommended ideas for one to spend their day if they intend to travel to Phu Quoc.

5 Ideas For Day Trips In Hai Phong


Over the past few years Hai Phong has become a popular place to go for a holiday. Both domestic and foreign travelers enjoy spending their summer days at the city. There are in fact more than just Cat Ba Island - Hai Phong has a lot more hidden gems for you to uncover. Read further to see what the top five best things visitors could do in this city.

12 Best Luxury Hotels & Resorts in Nha Trang


With its tourism fully developed, Nha Trang allows for a wide array of accommodations competing for tourists’ attention, meanwhile catering to the various needs of different groups. For this reason, making the right choice is complicating and thus, requires recommendations. As such, we have come up with some names that qualify for your comfortable luxury accommodation upon visiting the city.

10 Best Hotels Near Hanoi West Lake


Young, bold and beautiful, the West Lake area of Hanoi is the latest addition to Hanoi attractions. Hotels in this area will not disappoint you in the slightest, for the gorgeous panoramic views they offer, the tranquil atmosphere they carry and the world class service they entail.

5 Best Full Day Trips To Villages In & Near Hoi An


Your visit to Vietnam will be incomplete without spending time in Hoi An – an ancient town being recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage in 1999. As you set your first step, you will soon be overwhelmed by rustic traditional architecture, peaceful natural scenery, unique cuisine, and especially the well-preserved traditional villages. Whether you are a leisure traveler or adventure-seeker, visiting Hoi An villages should be included in your bucket list. Hereafter is Top 5 Best Villages in Hoi An you can refer for a day tour in this ancient city.

10 Best Boutiques For Shopping in Hoi An


Fusion architecture designs, yellow walls or colorful lanterns make Hoi An become special and unique. Among the must-dos while in town, one can never understate the pleasure for shopping. In fact, Hoi An boasts the best of shopping in Vietnam, with many coffee houses, art galleries or boutique shops crowding the downtown area. Below is a list 10 best places to stop by for your shopping venture.

9 Best Places For A Hoi An Authentic Dinner


Hoi An embraces beautiful landscape, spectacular monuments, extraordinary culture, sophisticated cuisine and local hospitality, which are pretty much everything you could expect from a travel destination. With regard to local cuisine, Hoi An is home to some of Vietnam's best delicacies, not to mention the beautiful boutiques restaurants that serve them. Dining in Hoi An is not just about filling your stomach but a whole travel experience in and of itself. If you have more than a couple of days to spend in this ancient town, make sure to include at least 1 of the below list for a comforting dinner.

Craving Desserts? Hoi An's 6 Best Sweet Treats


Wandering the streets of Hoi An Ancient Town, you will be warmly welcomed with compelling historical stories, exquisite cultural traditions, and scrumptious assortment of local cuisine. What to eat in Hoi An? It’s a simple question but difficult to answer. In the journey of enjoying Hoi An delicious dishes, not only the savory delicacies but also sweet treats will unpretentiously please all gourmands. If you have the opportunity to travel to Hoi An, try to at least get a taste of these local delights.

5 Best Bars in Hoi An To Grab Your Drinks


Hoi An brings to mind the peaceful image of colorful tailor shops, yellow walls and thronged ancient streets. However, it would be a mistake to assume the place a sleepy town. Far from that, Hoi An at night is lit up with a vibrant and intriguing vibe, with many bars and bistros lining the downtown area. Try out these 5 recommendations of best places for cocktails in Hoi An, where you can sit down and celebrate the holiday with an exquisite drink.

Top Places To Get Your Electronics in Danang


If you happen to relocate to Danang, or just simply need to get an extra charger for your camera or phone, Danang has a plenty of places for you. From small retailer to big chain, you can easily find something to catch your eyes or match your budget.

Supermarkets in Danang - Your 6 Best Places To Go


The third largest city in Vietnam, Danang offers all the choices for supermarkets you would normally see in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City. You are still able to find the finest quality items in the big names mentioned above. Dig deeper and you may help yourself with some of the best souvenirs to bring home too.

6 Best Places To Get Your Jewelry In Danang


Though more widely known for its world class beaches, Danang is also one of the three largest metropolitan areas in Vietnam with many opportunities for shopping. Long history journey has brought to this city various valuable cultures, and jewelry is one of them. It is easy for you to even catch several jewelers’ on the street. If you want to take a look at the options for necklaces and earrings, consider a visit to the following addresses:

Moving to Tay Ho? Start Your Rental Hunt With 11 Quaint Apartments Below


One needs one’s own apartment to set down roots in Hanoi and get under its skin. Tay Ho has perhaps the best value accommodation of any other parts of Hanoi, given its reputation as an expat enclave. If you ever wonder what a standard apartment in Tay Ho may look like and how much to spend, here are 11 best examples.

9 Best Places To Spend Your Nighlife In Saigon


Ho Chi Minh city has been the growth engine of Vietnam for the last decades, and it comes as no surprise that this is one of the most developed metropolitan areas in the country. Along with its fast-paced economic development, the tourist sector has also undergone a substantial transformation.

10 Best Places To Buy Handicrafts In Hanoi


Hanoi is definitely the best place to shop for handicrafts as most high-quality specialties throughout the nation are selectively curated in the capital. Although souvenirs in the central tourist area seem largely generic and mass produced at first glance, you can find hidden gems here and there. Or skip the random discovery and save time with our list of the best original boutique handicraft shops you can find in Hanoi below.

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