Best Time to Visit Lai Chau

Lai Chau with its mesmerizing high vistas is one of the most attractive destinations in the Northwestern mountainous region of Vietnam. Learning about the features of its various seasons can help you determine the best time to set out to Lai Chau.

The fall (especially from September to October), which is also called the "Yellow Season", are favourable for tourists who love to get immersed in the bright yellow fields of ripening rice that cover the whole area, especially Than Uyen district. The comfortable weather and great visibility are also remarkable advantages of this season.

If flower fields and dry weather sound enticing to you, the period from late December to March is ideal. Lai Chau's landscapes look the most colorful during these months. Moreover, in February, you will have a better chance to enjoy spring festivals and get deeper insights into the cultural diversity of this region.

March and April are the sure bets for tourists who seek out high vista of the so-called ocean of cloud in Sin Ho district. The atmosphere is very quiet and serene during this period and hence quite attractive to introverts.

From April to early June, Lai Chau's rice terraces are filled with water, forming the most scenic and unique background for your photos. Tourists who love to explore the unique culture of Vietnamese rice plantations in mountainous regions would make the most out of their trip during this season. Due to the high seasons, Lai Chau is quite crowded in October, January and June. Hotels and flight tickets should hence be booked well in advance should you want to reduce your expenditure.

On the other hand, its low season runs from June through September, especially July and August, during which heavy rainfalls, misty weather, landslides and floods out of town make it difficult for inexperienced bikers.

Now that you have gained a clearer understanding of its seasons, it is up to you to choose the best time for an excursion to Lai Chau. Gather some adventurous friends and make memories of a lifetime!

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