Red Glutinous Rice Wine

This wine is a special drink of Muong people in Thanh Hoa, but has become a symbol of the province. The wine is made from red glutinous rice, a unique type of rice that only Muong people can grow. This type has a typical red colour in and out with a special flavor that no other rice has; hence, the wine made from this kind is very sweet, tasty and smooth. Normally, in November, people harvest the rice from the fields, and then begin to prepare the wine to use on Tet holiday. After harvesting, the rice is stripped of its skin, steamed, and then mixed with a naturally yeast from leaves for 3 days. Then the mixture is put into jars with glutinous rice for incubating. The jars are sealed by banana leaves, and buried in the soil. While burying the wine, the owner often prays for the god to bring the perfect taste to the wine.

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After 3 months and 10 days, the jars are taken out and the mixture inside it is filtered to get the wine. The wine now has the red –purple color of the rice, with the distinctively attractive smell. It can be drink during the normal course of a meal, to treat friends, and to recover health. It is suitable to any age thanks to the comfortably smooth taste, and is definitely unforgettable to anyone who ever tries.

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