Thanh Hoa

Diverse ecosystem, long coastline and rich history - Multi-tourism in the "heroic land".

Thanh Hoa is one of the biggest provinces in Vietnam, located 150km from Hanoi and 1,560 km from Ho Chi Minh City. This province has an important role that is being the northern tip of central Vietnam, adjacent to Son La, Hoa Binh, Ninh Binh to the north and Nghe An to the south. The province is also contiguous to the East Sea and Hua Phan Province of Laos. This position gives Thanh Hoa a crucial role in the Northern economic region of Vietnam.

Thanh Hoa has various types of terrain and can be divided into three main areas. The mountainous region, with its average height of 600-700m, is located in the west of the province. This area is approximately 839,037 ha (75.44% the total of the entire province). The second one is the plain that alternates with low mountains and hills, and the final coastal region is suitable for developing maritime industries and tourism. The weather in Thanh Hoa is tropical monsoon with four seasons and the average temperature is around 23 -24o C. The climate is also very dry with the average rainfall between 1600 and 2300mm a year, yet the high humidity rate often reaches 85%.

This place is one of the first cradles of the Vietnamese civilization 6000 years ago. Presently, the size of the population of Thanh Hoa takes third place in the population chart, just behind Hanoi and HCMC, with 3,400,239 people. Moreover, the community in this province is diverse with many ethnic groups such as Muong, Thai, Tho, Dao, Mong, but the Kinh still is the majority.

Weather / Temperature:
Humidity 82%
Wind 1.84 km/h
Sunrise 05:19 AM

Frequently asked questions

When is the best season in Pu Luong?

During its harvest season from May to June and from September to October, Pu Luong is particularly gorgeous. The golden paddle rice fields, majestic mountain ranges, immaculate rivers and waterfalls combining with the pleasant weather will make your trip extra enjoyable.

What activities are there in Pu Luong Nature Reserve?

If you love outdoor activities, Pu Luong Nature Reserve is ideal for you. The destination offers a variety of engaging activities like trekking, cycling, kayaking, that will surely an unforgettable experience. Or you can simply relax and enjoy the stunning landscapes here.

Which is the most popular dish in Thanh Hoa?

Thanh Hoa is definitely famous for nem chua (fermented pork roll), which is consider as a symbol of the city. Nem chua is made with pork which cooked with natural yeast of the meat, making it especially fresh, soft, spicy and salty. Don’t forget to try this special food if you have a chance to visit Thanh Hoa.

How much is the ticket to Citadel of the Ho Dynasty?

It costs only VND 40,000/adult and VND 20,000/child from 8 to 15 years old for the entrance fee to visit the Citadel of Ho Dynasty. You can purchase it directly at the ticket counter at the site.

What can I visit in Thanh Hoa?

Thanh Hoa seems to be quite new for many tourists, however, Thanh Hoa has quite a lot of historical sightseeing and natural sceneries that you can spend time to discover actually. You can take a note of some following attractions:

• Pu Luong Nature Reserve

• Ben En National Park

• Ho Dynasty Citadel

• Lam Kinh Remains

• Dong Son Ancient Village

• Sam Son Beach