Dried Shrimp

When we talk about the specialties of Ca Mau, we can hardly miss the Dried Shrimp dish. This special cuisine has gain not only domestic but also international fame, appearing in many foreign countries’ market. Eating the Rach Goc Dried Shrimp, we can savor both the salty yet sweet flavor of the shrimps and the tempting overall appearance of the dish.

To create a dish that has the typical flavor of the forest and the ocean at the same time, the people of Ca Mau must have their very own trick. The shrimps are first boiled in water for about 5 or 6 minutes. Then, the cook adds salt into the pot and boils for 4 more minutes before he can start the drying process. The salt : water ratio is the most important point that decides whether the final product is good or bad. Only the experienced cooks can make a Fried Shrimp dish which maintains the natural taste of the shrimps.

This dish can be eaten right away without any side dish. However, we can also have it with cabbage or salted vegetables.

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