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What To Do In Sapa?


As one of the most prominent tourist destinations in Vietnam, Sapa offers travellers various choices of activities, depending on your hobbies and budget. Here are some for you to consider:

Getting Around Phu Quoc


How to get around Phu Quoc using bus, taxi, boat and car.Below are the common means of getting around Phu Quoc:

Must-Try Food in Phu Quoc


Nhum and Nhong fish are among the must-trys when one visits the scenic island of Phu Quoc.

What To Bring On Your Trip to Sapa


Below is a detailed packing list for those planning a trip to Sapa, Vietnam

Trekking in Sapa - A Starter's Guide


Mountainous area of northern Vietnam is among the best places all over the country for trekking. Depending on their trekking skills and ability, tourists can choose the trekking route which is most suitable, as Sapa offers a wide range of trekking spots from easy to hard level.

Fansipan Mountain Hike


There are three popular routes to conquer Fansipan, with the starting point is Tram Ton pass, Cat Cat ethnic village or Sin Chai; in which Sin Chai route is said to be the most beautiful but the most dangerous also. Almost tourists choose Tram Ton pass as the starting point of the climb because it is the easiest way. It often takes two or three days to fulfill a conquest of Fansipan.

Hanoi Traditional Village Tours


Why don’t we just open the latest version of Hanoi map, rent a motorbike or catch a bus to go a little further to the outskirts of Hanoi, where there are many beautiful traditional villages still waiting for you to come and spend your day in the most meaningful way?

A Full Day Walking The Streets of Hanoi Old Quarter


Hanoi’s Old Quarter has a long history of 2000 years of development which is the beating heart old the city.

Hanoi Electric Car Tour


Electric car tour is a good chance for people to get to know some friendly locals, because not only foreigners but also Vietnamese from all over the country love the car for its safety, affordability, and friendliness with the environment.

Biking In Ho Chi Minh City


Cycling is not a common way of travelling in Ho Chi Minh City where most people want to travel by motorbike or car to save time. However, going by bicycles is an excellent way to explore the city.

Hanoi - Halong Bay Bus


If you plan to visit Ha Long Bay the UNESCO World Heritage Site, you will have to make your way to Quang Ninh province which is 155km far from Hanoi. It will take around 3.5 hour and VND220,000 for a seat in a high quality bus going to Quang Ninh.

Bus Stations in Hanoi


Hanoi is well-connected with other provinces throughout the country.

Halong Bay Cruise Guide


Halong, one of the world's natural heritages, is a favourite destination of millions of domestic and foreign tourists every year. To enjoy spectacular scenery of thousands of limestone mountains hiding magnificent grottoes floating on the sea water, tourists can go on a boat tour around the bay for sight-seeing. However, it is the experience of fine dining and relaxing rest in the luxurious space of a junk boat, and discovering the bay’s beauty on this floating accommodation for a couple of days that make all the difference. There are now many options for cruise tours, both private and in a group, for you to choose from.

Ba Trieu Temple Festival


Ba Trieu (or Trieu Thi Trinh), one of the most famous female heroes in the history of Vietnam, is the one who led Vietnamese to resist Ngo Regime from China in 248. She was an excellent and courageous general that made her legacy with a famous quote” I want to ride the strong wind and wave, I want to slash the cetacean on the East Sea, I want to expel Ngo army out of Vietnam, and I don’t want to be a slave for them”

Ho Chi Minh City - What To Buy For Souvenirs


Find some insiders' recommendations for visitors who are at a loss for ideas of what to bring home.

Con Temple Festival


Con Temple Festival is an annual events organized on the 22nd and the 23rd of February

Cua Lo Festival


Taking place on April 30th and May 1st annually, the Cua Lo Festival is an interesting event in Nghe An, attracting thousands of tourists from all over the province

Ban Flower Festival


The 2nd month of a lunar year is always the time when the weather smiles at people in Dien Bien.

Hạn Khuống Festival


Han Khuong Festival is a cultural and traditional event of Thai ethnic group in Dien Bien.

New Crop Festival of La Hu ethnic group


La Hu people in Dien Bien usually celebrate the New Rice Festival in the 10th or the 11th month of a lunar year.

Village’s Ceremony of Cong ethnic group


In the 3rd month of every lunar year, all villages of the Cong ethnic group become so colorful and busy.

Kin Lau No Festival


In the language of people in the North-western regions of Vietnam, Kin Lau No means to celebrate the appearance of the bamboo sprouts.

Dien Bien Phu Festival


The biggest event of Dien Bien, Dien Bien Phu Festival plays a very important role in the tourism development of the province.

Dinh Yen Temple Festival


Even though there are thousands of temples around Vietnam with thousands of annual celebrations, the Dinh Yen Temple Festival in Lap Vo District, Dong Thap Province is still a unique event that you would wish to attend.

Go Thap Festival


The Go Thap Festival is the biggest and possibly the most important festival in Dong Thap Province.

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