Thien Y A Na Festival

According to the local people, Thien Y A Na Festival is the combination between Viet culture and Cham culture. It expresses the role of Mother Goddess in creating all species on earth and the custom of worshiping Mother Goddess in Asia. In order to remember the origin of the nation and the ancestors who explored and built the country, on the 4th day of June (in Lunar New Year) people organize the Thien Y A Na Festival in Am Chua, Dien Khanh.

The myth written on a stone monument built in 1856 indicates Am Chua as the birthplace of Mother Goddess where she lived with her parents.  As she grew up, she helped many people with their farming, their weaving work, their life and protected them against the enemies.  Moved by her goodwill, people built a temple and organized an annual festival to commemorate her. They called itThien Y A Na Festival.  

During the festival season, thousands of people from everywhere gather at Am Chua to celebrate this event. From early morning to late afternoon, people hold several events such as public worshiping, competitions, etc.

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