Nuoc Man Festival

This is one of the oldest and biggest festivals in Binh Dinh, at 400 years old. The festival is held at the Lady Temple in An Hoa, once a famous commercial port. The Lady Temple was built by Chinese businessman to worship the Queen of Nature, a god that protects the trade ships sent on the ocean. Therefore, the Nuoc Man Festival is a combination of Vietnamese culture and the quintessence of Chinese culture. The festival lasts for 3 days from the 1st to 3rd of February (lunar calendar), and fascinates not only the local people but also residents from nearby territories.  The special point of this festival is that every family in this area often prepares lanterns to decorate their houses and streets, as well as food to share with guests from other areas.  

The festival has two main parts. The ritual section often occurs before the festival section, as it is the most important event. During this rite, normal people pray to the Queen of Nature to give them fortune, wealth and health; whereas the fishermen and their relatives pray for safe fishing trips and protection from God. The festival is lively and intricate with many traditional performances such as the Lion Dance, the Light Dance and Martial Arts. The festival has updated itself to include modern activities like volleyball. With these sacred rites and exciting activities, Nuoc Man Festival is considered the second Tet Holiday in An Hoa.

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