Business Visa

A Vietnam business visa is a short-stay visa, which is valid for a maximum of 90 days (can be a single or double-entry visa).

Business Visa Difference between a tourist and business visa. Photo:

Applying for a business visa requires similar documentation as a tourist visa. Check the table below or select your specific nationalities in the drop-down list above to see if you need a visa for Vietnam.

NationalityBusiness Visa RequirementsEntry Requirements
AustraliaYESPassport and entry visa
CanadaYESPassport and entry visa
Germany YESPassport and entry visa
FranceYESPassport and entry visa
IndiaYESPassport and entry visa
Passport and return ticket
Sweden, Denmark, FinlandYES
Passport and return ticket
UKYESPassport and entry visa
USYESPassport and entry visa 

If applying through the embassy, business travelers will need to submit a sponsorship letter by a licensed Vietnamese company. This letter can come from your trade partner or your employer. 

However, if you apply online, this sponsorship letter is not required [1] and all business visas will be processed as normal. Currently, the business visa is categorized under DN type [2] and will be valid for a maximum of 3 months.


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