5 Best Shopping Streets Of Hanoi Old Quarter

Hanoi may not be a fashion destination but there plenty of places to shop that have stock of trendy to basic clothing but with very cheap price tag. Though variety of sizes is indeed questioning, it is worth a try to check them out. Here are the 5 best places to purchase your clothes in the Old Quarter:

Ta Hien street

The upbeat and crowded Ta Hien street may draw much attention for its bustling bars and pubs scenes, it is also a great place to start shopping. There are numerous clothing shops that open 11 pm daily. They have basic clothing pieces that are a 100% knock-off of fast fashion brands. Most of the shops here sell similar stocks so you can choose whichever shops that make you feel the most comfortable and you can compare the price before buying. The down side is that they are pretty crowded at times and changing room is tiny and you may have to share with others.

Hang Da street

This street has a good mix of knock-offs, authentic and local brands. Each shop has a different set of stock so if you want variety, this is the place for you. Price range can range widely depending on the type of stock they carry. However, it is always good to judge on the fabric quality to decide if the price is right. Knock-off price ranges between $10 and $30. Some authentic pieces, usually from fast fashion brands can go from $30 - $50. Local brands are usually more expensive with upward of $70.

Chan Cam alley

This little alley has a collection of small shops and boutiques that carry from cheap Chinese made clothing pieces to local designers. Stocks in these shops are usually small in size and not many pieces available. Minimalism is a common theme in these boutiques. This is a popular shopping place for trendy Hanoians. Prices here are usually not fixed so a little bit of bargain may reduce the price a little but not much.

21B Phan Dinh Phung street

If you want a retail shopping experience, going to the M2 store at 21B Phan Dinh Phung street is a place for you. This is part of a chain of shops that stock a wide range of Made in Vietnam clothing that have a decent selection of style for everyone in the family. There is no worry of bargaining because all pieces are properly tagged with price.

Ly Quoc Su street

Usually travelers come to Hanoi before heading off to many other locations such as Sapa or Ninh Binh. It requires some sport wear update that can be found on Ly Quoc Su street. This streets have a few shops that sell jackets and sports clothing. The quality if pretty decent for the price one pays and they do the job well, especially during Hanoi winter.

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