Hang Ngang

Hang Ngang is a one-way street which measures 152 meters long. It bridges Hang Dao Street and Hang Duong Street to form one of the busiest market places of Hanoi and typical of the Old Quarter. The street predominantly traded textile products made in Vietnam or China in the old time together with tea and tobacco. It’s now reserved for walks every night in the weekends.


Formerly belonged to Dong Tho Ward, Tho Xuong District, Hang Ngang is one of the oldest streets in the Hanoi’s Old Quarter. During the Le Dynasty, many Chinese-Vietnamese immigrants from Guangdong came here to settle and do their business. The street was called Viet Dong at the time.

During the French time, the street was called rue de Cantonnais. The street specialized in selling cloths and tea. Not only Chinese but also Vietnamese and Indian people had shops there. After 1945, more fashion, cosmetics and souvenirs shops could be found along the street.

Today, Hang Ngang Street is a bustling trading area of Hanoi, especially at night which is filled with a variety of shops selling all kinds of clothes from jeans to suites and blouses.

What to see

Hang Ngang night market: renowned as the most bustling and animated night market in the heart of Hanoi, the intersection Hang Ngang-Hang Dao is frequently visited by many locals and visitors at night. You can find there a huge array of goods to browse and snacks, live music to keep everyone in good spirits. The house No 48: the house has been acknowledged among nation’s special historical and cultural sites. This was where the president Ho Chi Minh drafted the Declaration of Independence giving birth to the Democratic Republic of Vietnam that was read aloud in Ba Dinh Square in 1945. Because of its prime importance, the house now is turned into a small museum and all historical objects and evidence associated with President Ho Chi Minh remain intact.

What to eat

You will not be able to wander around Hang Ngang night market for long without stopping at some food stalls along the way. Street vendors pepper the market with specialties around the country as well as serve up traditional Hanoi food.

Thit xien nuong

Grilled and barbecue food items are among best street foods at the night market all seasons, especially during winter time. You can enjoy plenty of steaming hot ones with prices of only 15000-20000 VND/ stick.

Kem cuon

Ice cream rolls are favorite snacks of not only locals but also foreigners when visiting the night market. It has delicious taste and can be great dessert to enjoy.

Hoa qua dam - Fruit bowl

Many food stalls sell “hoa qua dam” (fruit salad with condensed milk). You can try different tastes such as sweet and sour fruits.

Where to stay

In the proximity of Hang Ngang Street, visitors with various budgets can find their ideal base to stay and explore the city.

Oriental Suites (58 Hang Dao)

High-grade accommodation near Hang Ngang Street which offers pure Vietnamese style blend with Western standard of comforts and facilities. The hotel is close to many tourist attractions such as Hoan Kiem Lake, Dong Xuan Market, Night Market and Water Puppet Theater.

Cocoon Inn Hanoi (116 – 118 Hang Buom)

The hotel is a few steps away from Hang Ngang and the weekend night market. It features a cozy, comfort and fun environment of a hostel where suits tight-budget visitors best.

Asia Backpacker Hostel (127 Hang Bac)

Another address for backpackers to go if budget is tight. The hotel caters all needs of backpackers and provides the best in services and amenities as well as wonderful recreational facilities such as game rooms.


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