Vietnam in July: Weather and Event Guide

What weather to expect in July, what to do, what's on in Vietnam in July?

Long Coc Tea Hills in Phu Tho, Vietnam (July, 2020) - Photo: Shutterstock


July is one of those months that you can either hate it or love it though the former seems more widely agreed on. The weather is consistently hot and humid from North to South, and rain spreads evenly throughout the country. However, sunlovers cannot find a better month to visit Vietnam than July.

Imagine being outdoors and soaking up the Vitamin D while enjoying all the best of being in a tropical country: tasting delicious fruits, paddling in the emerald water of Lan Ha Bay, trekking in the lush national park Bach Ma and Cuc Phuong before treating yourself to a couple of beers at Ta Hien in Hanoi or Bui Vien in Saigon.

Temperature and humidity

July is both the hottest and rainiest month in Hanoi and the North of Vietnam. If you stay in this region long enough from June to July, you can see a pronounced rise in both the heat and the rainfall level. The average temperature in Hanoi is between 26°C and 33°C but it normally feels like 40 to 40 plus for most of the days, except for when the downpours take over.

The precipitation level between 240mm and 340mm in recent years means you can get caught in the rain no matter what part of the month you plan your visit. Nonetheless, rains come and go quickly, and no matter how torrential they may get. The rain does some good in taking away all the heat and gives you a pleasant evening to hang out.

If Hanoi feels like 40 to 40 plus, expect to add an extra 5 degrees if you are in the region from North Center (Nghe An, Quang Binh, Quang Tri) up to Hue and Hoi An. The heat can be overwhelming and you may be better off taking shelter instead of roaming the street under the scorching sun. Avoid being out on the street between 11am and 2pm to avoid the risk of sun stroke.

Unlike Hanoi, July is not a rainy month for Danang and Hoi An as the typhoon season does not come until a few months later. The sky is clear, blue and endless. You cannot find a better time to laze on the beach of My Khe and An Bang than this time of the year.

Ho Chi Minh City, despite more rainy days, is in fact at a better position than its Northern and Center counterparts heat-wise. The temperature stays in the low 30 and the actual feel is the exact same. You can confidently walk outside any time of the day, just make sure to bring a poncho or umbrella to avoid getting wet. The rain can get more severe towards the end of the month when it get to 35mm of precipitation on an average day.

Rain Days
33° / 26°
8 days
34° / 26°
5 days
32° / 23°
1 day

Events in July

Hon Khoi Salt field in Nha Trang July 2016 (Photo: Shutterstock)

Nha Trang: Sea Festival - July 11 to 14

The festival worships the beauty of Nha Trang seashores. This is also an opportunity for domestic and international friends to meet, exchange and explore the natural Nha Trang beauty and hospitality of Tram Huong’s locals.

Ninh Thuan: Grape and Wine Festival - July 17 to 19

The event is a great chance for you to sample the famous grapes and wines of the region, as well as to take part in exciting cultural activities such as folklore, bold Cham culture, kite surfing performance, sand racing.

What to expect

  • Since July is the school holiday time in Vietnam, it is also the peak season for domestic tourism. Vietnamese often travel with their family or bigger groups, so expect crowd at popular destinations such as Sam Son, Danang, Nha Trang and Vung Tau.
  • The downside of traveling to Vietnam during this time is that the sun may be overwhelming. Make sure to keep yourself hydrated and avoid being out at noon.
  • In addition, July in the North can see a few typhoons, which may get trips cancelled. Cruise trips for example are prone to cancellation during bad weather. If you do trekking in the Northern mountains, take extra precaution to avoid possible landslides.

Best destinations to travel

Con Dao island in July

It is best to plan a relaxing beach escape in July but avoid the weekend if possible. Con Dao Archipelago and Phu Yen are two great places for you to give some serious consideration for your July trip, as the water is calm and they are not yet caught on local tourist radar so far.

Lan Ha Bay and Cat Ba Island are also lovely to visit in July. There are risks of typhoons, but schedule your visit right and you will see the Bay at its purest. The crystal clear sky and sparkling water are most perfect in July.

In case the heat is too overbearing, you are welcomed to make side trips to Sapa, Dalat or Bana Hills. The high altitude guarantees year round cool climates. Take a stroll around  Xuan Huong Lake, a hiking trip to Datanla waterfall (Dalat), a brisk trekking to Ta Phin village (Sapa) or a full day visit to Bana Hills which houses the famous Golden Bridge, you can find July oddly pretty despite the heat and the rain in the lowland.

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