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Many people take it for granted that Vietnam is a tropical country, which can be translated into a year-round over-heated weather. In fact, Hanoi has four seasons and each month differs from another in terms of humidity, temperature and of course, seasonal fares.

You think London has the most unpredictable weather in the world? You will need to think twice after visiting Hanoi! Many Hanoians often envy their Southern brother - Ho Chi Minh City - for their stable and consistent climate. Conversely, Saigonese has reason to prove otherwise: Hanoi's weather is way too exciting to miss. 

Below you can find an overview of weather by month in Hanoi.

Hanoi weather by month

Month Average Temperature Humidity Read more
January 17 C degree 68% Hanoi in January
February 18 C degree 73% Hanoi in February
March 20 C degree 78% Hanoi weather in March
April 24 C degree 76% Hanoi weather in April
May 28 C degree 73% Hanoi weather in May
June 30 C degree 75% Hanoi weather in June
July 29 C degree 76% Hanoi weather in July
August 29 C degree 79% Hanoi weather in August
September 28 C degree 76% Hanoi in September
October 25 C degree 69% Hanoi in October
November 27 C degree 68% Hanoi in November
December 19 C degree 67% Hanoi in December


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