Long Bien Market

Enjoy A Sleepless Night In Hanoi

Hanoi is radiant after sunset not only because of the vibrant sparkling colors of lights from the streets, crossroads or tall buildings, but also thanks to the allure of urban nightlife rhythm. To fully feel all that charm, perhaps Long Bien wholesale market is a perfect place if visitors have the opportunity to explore Hanoi at night.


Long Bien wholesale market, also known as Long Bien market, has been located under Long Bien bridge, Ba Dinh district, Hanoi since 1992. The market has been in operation for more than 20 years and is an important trading destination for many traders coming from all parts of the country. 

Interesting insight story

The reason for the name "Long Bien market" is because this wholesale spot is situated at the foot of the historic Long Bien bridge - the witness of many ups and downs, highs and lows of Vietnam's capital.

Photo by @Annapurna

Gobackpacking magazine once ranked Long Bien market as one of the “5 most enchanting markets in Southeast Asia”. The interesting point of the market is best demonstrated through the nightlife pace: bustling, crowded, noisy yet lively. Never before has a noisy sound that makes people feel so excited and intriguing as the trading sound in the Long Bien market.

Experiencing the biggest agricultural night market in Hanoi

Life is always on a constant rush - so are the lives of people living and making their livelihood from Long Bien market. Visiting the retail section after 10pm, you will have the opportunity to see heavy wagons full of agricultural products, coming in and out of the market gate in different directions. 

Photo by @Souvid De

The produce are shipped from different parts of the country, such as Bac Ninh, Ha Nam, Phu Tho and as far down as Mekong Delta. Transporters are fast and adept with their day to day work: transfering boxes of fruits and vegetables down to the merchandises. Buyers of Long Bien night market are often small vendors who shop for their next day business: street food, family restaurants, smaller markets. Most are small in shape, but radiate great strength, rising above the increasingly harsh life to make both ends meet with their own hands.

Furthermore, the market is known as the cheapest seasonal fruit and vegetable market at night in Hanoi. When tourists come here in the summer, they will easily buy fruits such as: mango, watermelon, plum, guava, jackfruit, avocado, lychee, longan... whereas in winter, this place is flooded with orange, pomegranate, banana, to name a few. Foreigners would also have a chance to try bargaining in Vietnamese styles and freely set the price up to their liking.

Photo by @Toancanhbaochi

And since it is quite crowded, if you want to view all the stalls in the market, you ought to pay attention to not bump into groups of people moving around, transporting agricultural products here. One advice for travelers is that you can stand in a corner, maybe on the historic Long Bien bridge to fully observe and feel the imprint of time and the soul of this night market. This will be an interesting experience and give you a more comprehensive view of Hanoi’s people and lifestyles.

Unique nighttime dishes around Long Bien market

Food vendors crop up and thrive to nourish traders of Long Bien night market. If you have a late night appetite, try some of the best street dishes below:

Gio Cake

Throughout the years, Long Bien market welcomes many visitors to try the famous Gio Cake eat with a large basket of cakes, a hot frying pan and a few neatly folded chairs. The crust is quite soft, the cake is fragrant, served with rice balls rolls (chả cốm). A plate of Gio cakes is usually only 10,000 VND to 20,000 VND for a full serving. The spring rolls here are more special when the owner generously sells to customers very large pieces.

Sliced-chicken noodle soup and chicken feet salad

This pho shop is only about 20 square meters, always attracting a lot of domestic and foreign customers. People know this night dish not only because of the quality of the chicken noodle soup, but also because of its affordable price: a signature bowl of Pho is around 40.000vnd; customers can choose to add toppings like chicken heart, liver or eggs and fried dough.. Additionally, it is advisable that visitors try the chicken feet salad for appetizer.

Crab Paste Vermicelli Soup

A bowl of crab paste vermicelli soup here is enough to fill your stomach. The broth is clear, sour with a tasteful flavor. One serving of this soup with a price of 45,000 VND is a pretty good choice if you do not know what midnight snack you should eat.

Photo by @Hồng Ngọc

If you have not yet set foot in Long Bien Market, quickly bring your backpack and explore this place to feel the beauty when the city lights up and experience the bustling life of Hanoi people at night.

Useful Information

  • Location: Long Bien Market, Hoan Kiem Hanoi
  • Best for: All visitors
  • Entrance: N/A
  • Hours: 12:00am-5:00am
  • Distance to city center: 2.3km (1.4 mi)

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