Xoi - Sticky Rice

Xoi - Sticky Rice

It will be a big miss if you come to Vietnam without trying “xoi”. Made from sticky rice, xoi has as many variants as you can imagine. “Xoi” is a very common food in Vietnam, and one can find it anywhere from the roadside vendors to luxuriously traditional restaurants. However, “xoi” is not “xoi” anymore when eating in an air-conditioned room with professional services. After all, “xoi” is still street food, which means that people should buy and enjoy it on the street! Here are the most popular types of Xoi in Vietnam.

Xoi xeo: sticky rice colored yellow, topped with fried onion and ground mung beans.

 Xoi Xeo 

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Xoi ga: White sticky rice with steamed pieces of chicken

 Sticky Rice with Chicken 

Xoi ngoSticky rice mixed with corn (choclo) and have a non-heavy texture.

  Xoi Ngo Sticky Rice with Corn  

Xoi lac: Sticky rice steamed with peanut

    Xoi Lac Sticky Rice with Peanut    

Xoi do denSticky rice with black beans

     Xoi Do Den     

Xoi do xanhSticky rice with mung beans

     Xoi Do Xanh     

Xoi voSticky rice mixed with ground mung beans and in some cases, lotus seeds

       Xoi Vo       

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Xoi duaSticky rice with sliced coconut, sometimes added with sugar and seasame seeds

         Xoi Dua         


Xoi Gac: Sticky Rice with Bright Red Colour from Gac fruit

          Xoi Gac Vietnam          

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