After a stressful working and studying week, everyone is excited to hang out, go shopping or leisurely wander along fully colored streets with families and friends, yet the weather does not always support their ideas. Why not check out the weather forecast before rushing for a traveling plan?


Being affected by another tropical typhoon, the weather in Hanoi this weekend is not different from the way it was last week, it is anticipated to suffer from heavy rains and thunderstorm on Friday and Saturday, the temperature is around 23 – 27 degree Celsius.

However, the sun brings its light back to the capital’s sky on Sunday, with the temperature of about 24-32 degree Celsius, which is ideal to go out and enjoy the last day off before starting a new week.

Hanoi Weather Forecast Oct 14-16 2011

Photo: Hanoi Weather Forecast Oct 14-16 2011 (Source: Google Weather)

Ho Chi Minh City

Not as lucky as the Hanoians, people of Ho Chi Minh City will find it difficult to fully enjoy outdoor activities this weekend since the weather is forecast to be bad with thunderstorm and heavy rains for the whole weekend. With a wet, muddy and dirty streets tourist are advised to join indoor activities or enjoy amazing Vietnam coffee and wait for a brighter day that will probably come on the next Monday. The temperature in the City will be kept at a stable rate of 31 to 24 degree Celsius.

   HCMC Weather Forecast October 14-16   

Photo: Ho Chi Minh City Weather Forecast Oct 14-16 2011 (Source: Google Weather)

Vietnam News Spotlights 

1. A good news for travellers planning to visit Nha Trang from Ho Chi Minh City and vice versa: Mai Linh Express is now having a promotion for this route, from now until Dec 31st 2001. One way bus ticket just drops to $8/ticket, $2 less than the original rate.

2. One of the most famous tragedy of Shakespeare – Macbeth will be on air starting late October, 2011 in all Hanoi, Danang and Ho Chi Minh City.

With a rather cheap ticket price ($25-35), this is a should-not-be-missed opportunity for art fans.

3. In order to meet the travelling demand of passengers on the occasion of Tet holiday, hundreds of Vietnam Airlines flights are ready to serve travelers at the coming Tet holiday. These additional flights are particularly designed for some popular routes only, which have previously seen heavy overload.

4. In October and November, 2011 the Japanese Film Festival with the theme of Love will be held in Hanoi and Danang. All tickets for the festival are free.

5. Spending less money to enjoy more luxury services, is it true? Yes, it is, with Sedona Suites in Hanoi. Hanoi visitors from now to the end of December will have an opportunity to experience this rare deal: Free Upgrade from One Bedroom to Two Bedroom Suite for those staying 3 consecutive nights. Contact for further information.

Blog Review

Vietnam rain, or to put it precisely, the flood, was vividly captured in the blog “Floating on the streets” this week. One scene can spring up various feelings: from the anger of being total wet on the way to work or the hopelessness of calling a taxi in vain to the childish happiness of watching the familiar streets soaking in water or teasing each other by the mocking song of a famous TV show.

The advice: Regularly watch Weather Forecast before deciding to set off a tour to Vietnam. And do not forget to take a look at Vietnam Online This Week every Friday for latest weather comments. 


1. Overseas Vietnamese and their family members can apply for a visa exemption that lasts up to 5 year. Check out the application process, with the application form being added in the required document section. 

2. October 13th is Vietnam Entrepreneurship Day - with various successful businessmen being celebrated and honoured at the prestigious ceremony Sao Vang Dat Viet (Yellow Stars of the Vietnamese Land). Ready to start one? Check out the Business reads on our Vietnam A-Z column. Information such as How to Register your business in Vietnam; Labour Policy; Social Insurance System; Intellectual Property Law and Corporate Tax are all fully explained. 

3. Hate that 50% sign printed black on white paper hanging all over the place? That's actually the pre-paid cell phone card promotion by one of the three big names in Vietnam cellphone network: Vietel, Mobiphone, and Vinaphone. Read about Cellphone use in Vietnam and make sure you catch the right promotion on your network next time.

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