Getting To Hanoi By Train - Schedule & Duration

Train from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi (North-bound)

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Length: 1726km

Travel time: 34 hrs

Train Schedule

TrainDepart Ho Chi Minh CityArrive Hanoi
SE29:55 PM8:35 AM (+2 days)
SE47:25 PM05:58 AM (+1 days)
SE68:40 AM8:47 PM (+1 days)
SE86:00 AM7:12 PM (+1 days)

Train from Nha Trang to Hanoi  (North-bound)

Length: 1315km

Travel time: 27hrs

Train Schedule

TrainDepart Nha Trang
Arrive Hanoi
8:35 AM (+2 days)
SE43:12 AM
05:58 AM (+1 days)
SE64:33 PM
8:47 PM (+1 days)
SE82:20 PM
7:12 PM (+1 days)

Train from Danang to Hanoi  (North-bound)

Length: 791km

Travel time: 18hrs

Train Schedule

TrainDepart DanangArrive Hanoi
SE24:00 PM8:35 AM (+1 day)
SE41:11 PM05:58 AM (+1 day)
SE63:28 AM8:47 PM
SE81:09 AM7:12 PM

Train from Hue to Hanoi  (North-bound)

Length: 688km

Travel time: 15hrs

Train Schedule

TrainDepart HueArrive Hanoi
SE26:35 PM
8:35 AM (+ 1 day)
SE44:10 PM
05:58 AM (+1 day)
SE66:06 AM
8:47 PM (+1 day)
SE83:48 AM
7:12 PM (+1 day)

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