Students and Teachers

Students and teachers' relationships in Vietnam

Teachers enjoy much respect and prestige in the Vietnamese society. In some countries, teachers have the same social status as their students and as other teachers, even those of richer knowledge and more titles. In other words, in those countries, teachers are only facilitators of students, assisting students in establishing their own way of learning. However, in Vietnam, for thousand years, teachers have been considered as fathers and mothers of students.

Their responsibility is not only confined to the mission of knowledge transmitters but also moral guiders. Students often regard teachers as authorities who embody knowledge, and with such high social status, teachers find it hard to communicate with students as friends. Students, similarly, out of respect and nervousness, sometimes fear to establish a good relationship with teachers.

Yet, in today world, teachers are inclined to come down from their authoritative position to communicate with their students. Therefore student-teacher relationship is not restricted to respect and admiration but ggradually turns to friendliness and assessibility. Annually, Vietnamese teacher‘s day, which falls on November 20th is a special occasion that Vietnamese students could show their deep gratitude for their teachers through their good academic performance, colorful flowers, and best wishes.


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