11 Horoscopes In The Year Of The Dragon

In Vietnam, the lunar calendar is calculated based on the shifting phrases of the moon instead of the sun like in Gregorian calendar. Therefore, the discrepancy between the two calendars vary from years to years, which in turn explains why Vietnamese Tet holiday's dates shift from year to year.

In fact, the new year can be early as late January and as late as mid February. 

Since the early days, Vietnamese culture, being influenced by that of Oriental thinking, adopts a system of 12 zodiac signs corresponding with 12 animals: Tý (Rat); Sửu (Buffalo); Dần (Tiger); Mão (Cat); Thìn (Dragon); Tỵ (Snake); Ngọ (Horse); Mùi (Goat); Thân (Monkey); Dậu (Rooster); Tuất (Dog); Hợi (Pig). 

Every 12 years the dominant animal comes back and people born on 1984 would share the same zodiac sign with the one 12 years younger or older than them (1972 and 1996).

In Vietnamese belief, not only the new born baby's fate and characteristics will be largely determined by the 'sponsored animal' of the year but also the interactions between the animal sign of a person with the animal of the year will shape how his or her life path is going to unfold. For example, Tiger and Dragon are considered competing signs so the overwhelming force of the Dragon is likely to diminish the luck of Tiger zodiac sign holders in the year 2024.

Monkey Zodiac 

Who are the monkeys?

Monkey zodiac signs are those born between:

  • Feb 06th, 1932-Jan 25th, 1933
  • Jan 25th, 1944-Feb 12th, 1945
  • Feb 12th, 1956-Jan 30th, 1957
  • Jan 30th, 1968-Feb 16th, 1969
  • Feb 16th, 1980-Feb 04th, 1981
  • Feb 04th, 1992-Jan 22nd, 1993
  • Jan 22nd, 2004-Feb 08th, 2005

Monkey in the year of dragon

Dragon year horoscope reveals good lucks in the Monkey’s career for the upcoming year, and “Monkey men” seem to get faster promotion than “Monkey women”. However, “Monkey persons” probably to have health problems, injury this year. Stability in life should be the first goal of them in the year of Dragon. The best time for the Monkeys to make important decisions and do big things is the third lunar month.

Though having good opportunities to attain success at work, “Monkey persons” may encounter big obstacles on the way to their goal, and get entangled in lawsuits. For business smoothness, the Monkeys need the support from people born in the year of Snake, Rat or Dragon. Widening social relationships is highly recommended for the Monkeys this year, which could lead to valuable support for their work in the next year.

Dragon year may not a good year of love for “Monkey women”. Potential problems in relationship and marriage are awaiting them, and require Monkey women spend more time and effort to refresh or even heal their love.

The Monkeys born in 1944 can look forward to a great year with fame, career promotion and financial gains. Meanwhile, Monkeys born in 1968 have a big chance to express their capability, and improve useful skills for work. Though thriving at work, “Monkey persons” born in 1956 seems to earn less money than they did in previous year, and those born in 1980 easily get in trouble due to rumors and have difficulties in dealing with other people in the forth and tenth lunar month.

Dog Zodiac

Who are the Dogs?

Those having Dog as zodiac sign were born in the range:

  • Feb 14th, 1934 to Feb 03rd, 1935
  • Feb 02nd, 1946 to Jan 21st, 1947
  • Feb 18th, 1958 to Feb 07th, 1959
  • Feb 06th, 1970 to Jan 26th, 1971
  • Jan 25th, 1982 to Feb 12th, 1983
  • Feb 10th, 1994 to Jan 30th, 1995

Dogs in the Dragon year

The Year of Dragon seems not to give the “Dog persons” good lucks as much as they expect. Women born in the year of Dog is said to have a better fate then men. The ninth lunar month is the best time of the year for the Dogs, when things run smoothly as their expectation. In the fourth and twelfth lunar month, these persons should be careful in every act and word to prevent them from getting into trouble due to misunderstanding and bad rumors.

“Dog persons” tend to make large investment this year; however, they could make wrong decisions which may lead to huge financial loss. The Dogs are highly advised not to invest more than they can afford to lose, consult experts for right direction and check over documents many times before signing. The Dogs should cooperate with the Cats, Tigers or Horses to ensure the smoothness of work as well.

A big change in sentiment and relationships which cause large effect on money aspect awaits “Dog persons” this year. The Dogs should be careful in both workplace relationships and friendship. Just be calm, cautious with unexpected attractive commercial offers and they can have a safe and happy year.

The Dogs born in 1946 can expect a good life in 2024, while those born in 1958 just get a little good luck and may experience the decline of business. “Dog persons” born in 1970 welcome a great year with big financial gains and career development.

Pig Zodiac

Who are the pigs?

If you were born in the following time range, you has the zodiac sign of a pig:

  • Feb 04th, 1935-Jan 23th, 1936
  • Jan 22nd, 1947-Feb 09th, 1948
  • Feb 08th, 1959-Jan 27th, 1960
  • Jan 27th, 1971-Feb 15th, 1972
  • Feb 13th, 1983-Feb 01st, 1984
  • Jan 31st, 1995-Feb 18th, 1996

Pigs in the year 2024

A mixed year with few ups and downs is waiting for people born in the year of Pig. “Pig persons” should stay calm, keep their mind away from anxiety, and take extra care through out 2024, though it has potential to be a great year.

The year of Dragon provides “Pig persons” with business reputation and fame, not financial benefits yet. Like the Horses, success comes to the Pigs in the calm pace; hence they should prevent themselves from impatience to get final good results. When carry out any work, the Pigs need the cooperation and support from the Tigers, Cats and Goats for smooth running.

“Pig persons” probably encounter some problems due to mean and jealous people this year. The Pigs should be calm to face unexpected issues and deal with these persons. Spending more time strengthening existing good relationships is expected to give them valuable support to overcome troubles.

Except for some health problems, “Pig persons” born in 1947 expect a very good year ahead with smoothness in the most of things they do. Those born in 1959 can look forward a great year with new love on the most unexpected time, and good luck throughout the year. The Pigs born in 1971 may get into troubles due to poor relationship with relatives, while those born in 1983 could have health problems.

Rooster Zodiac

Who are the Roosters?

Rooster zodiac sign-holders are those born in the time range: 

  • Jan 26th, 1933 to Feb 13th, 1934
  • Feb 13th, 1945 to Feb 01st, 1946
  • Jan 31st, 1957 to Feb 17th, 1958
  • Feb 17th, 1969 to Feb 05th, 1970
  • Feb 05th, 1981 to Jan 24th, 1982
  • Jan 23rd, 1993 to Feb 09th, 1994
  • Feb 9th, 2005 to Jan 28th, 2006  

Roosters in 2024

A great year with good lucks in both career and love aspect is waiting for “Rooster persons”. Most of things run towards their favors in the third and twelfth lunar month of the year; hence, the Roosters should make use of this time to carry out their long-cherished ideas.

This year, the doors that seemingly close for a long time open to “Rooster persons”. They have golden opportunities to get achievement in study and career. The Roosters should be proactive and put their heart into the work, just not sit back and let things pass by. However, obstacles and difficulties are not completely non-existent this year. The Roosters should be careful in dealing with people, and double check before singing any contract because they could be hurt by mean and jealous people, and get financial loss.

2024 can be a very good year for “Rooster persons” to take their social life to the next level. Single Roosters should expect a loving and intimate relationship, while “relationship” persons could get busy with wedding plan this year. However, the ones born in 1993 should take caution with any romantic relationship, because they could be trapped in the thing called “love” this year.

“Rooster persons” born in 1933 seem not to have a really good fate this year, and these old Roosters should pay more attention to their hearth, both physical and mental one. Meanwhile, happiness in family life is compensation for serious health problems that Roosters born in 1945 may have in 2024. Those born in 1957 can earn good income and amazing financial gain this year. Roosters born in 1969 have a good fate, and women seem to get more good lucks than men. Those born in 1981 have a big chance to express and develop their potential capability, and could experience big wastes of money this year. Young roosters born in 1993 can expect successful study and work, but love cheating probably.

Goat Zodiac

Who are the Goats?

Goats people are those born in the following time range

  • Feb 17th, 1931 to Feb 05th, 1932
  • Feb 05th, 1943 to Jan 24th, 1944
  • Jan 24th, 1955 to Feb 11th, 1956
  • Feb 09th, 1967 to Jan 29th, 1968
  • Jan 28th, 1979 to Feb 15th, 1980
  • Feb 15th, 1991 to Feb 03rd, 1992
  • Feb 01st, 2003 to Jan 21st, 2004

Goat in the year of dragon 

The year of Dragon opens new opportunities and brings good lucks to the Goats. However, being too intoxicated with fame and financial gains would lead them to unexpected difficulties.

Things will go smoothly as the Goats expect, as long as they take the initiative and put their hearts into the work. On the way to their goals, “Goat persons” will have to deal with mean and jealous people. Just be calm and keep the integrity, they will easily overcome obstacles and achieve success. Like the Snakes and Horses, it’s hard for the Goats to find like-minded people and receive valuable support from the others this year. In general, they have to do most of things on their own.

2024 could be a sociable year for “Goat persons”. Meeting new people give the Goats a big chance to build strong friendships, and romantic relationship that could lead to a serious commitment.

Failure and success comes to the Goats born in 1943 equally; hence, these persons should try their best at work, but not place very high expectations on themselves. The Goats born in 1955 who will experience a lot of financial gain and loss this year, should watch out for overspending, and be extra careful with any investment. Meanwhile, those born in 1967 is said to have the best fate among Goats in 2024, with many good lucks throughout the year.

Cat Zodiac

Who are the cats

Cats are those born in the following age range:

  • Feb 02nd, 1927 to Jan 22nd,1928
  • Feb 19th, 1939 to Feb 07th, 1940
  • Feb 06th, 1951 to Jan 26th, 1952
  • Jan 25th, 1963 to Feb 12th, 1964
  • Feb 11th, 1975 to Jan 30th, 1976
  • Jan 29th, 1987 to Feb 16th, 1988
  • Feb 16th, 1999 to Feb 04th, 2000

Cat zodiac in 2024

2024 is considered a rewarding year for the Cat persons, after a turbulent one. The year of Dragon is believed to give the Cats good lucks in career and finance aspect. All remaining work and issues left over from last year are expected to be solved out this year as well.

In the lucky year in terms of career, the Cats should put work on the first priority, and not be hesitate to put in extra efforts. To be successful, Cat persons need to be much more active, remove all psychological obstacles and keep very positive attitude towards work. Besides, they should cooperate with the Dog, Pig and Goat persons to get lucks in business. The sixth lunar month is anticipated to be the best time in the year for them, when things work very much towards their favors. Meanwhile, the first and seventh lunar month are considered bad time, and the Cats should take caution when pushing forward and negotiating.

2024 may not a sociable year for the Cats. Men born in the year of Cat easily become disoriented and get in troubles due to rumors. Meanwhile, being attracted to the sweetness of love may prevent the “Cat women” from thriving at work. The Cats should be careful in every act and word; and know what they are doing before committing themselves to any contract or relationship.

In 2024, Cat persons born in 1939 should pay more attention to their health by doing more exercise, having a good diet and set their mind free from stress. The Cats born in 1951 can get fast advancement at work and financial benefit in business, while those born in 1963 have great chance to promote and extend their capacity. Cats born in 1975 also get career development this year; however they should keep a close eye on their health to prevent themselves from avoidable health problems.

Horse Zodiac

Who are the Horses?

Horses zodiac sign holders are those born between:

  • Jan 30th, 1930 to Feb 16th, 1931;
  • Feb 15th, 1942 to Feb 04th, 1943;
  • Feb 03rd, 1954 to Jan 23rd, 1955;
  • Jan 21st, 1966 to Feb 08th, 1967;
  • Feb 07th, 1978 to Jan 27th, 1979;
  • Jan 27th, 1990 to Feb 14th, 1991;
  • Feb 12th, 2002 to Jan 31st, 2003

Horses in the year of Dragon 2024:

This year should be a year for saving rather than acquiring for the Horses. All Horses should be careful throughout 2024 because they easily have health problems, encounter accidents, and get in troubles because of mean people. The fifth and ninth lunar month is believed to be a wonderful time for “Horse persons” when most of the things go towards their favors. Meanwhile, the tenth lunar month is said to be bad time, and the Horses should avoid doing any big things these days.

The Horses should remember that “If success is to be attained, it should be approached with a calm pace”. 2024 is not the time for them to hastily jump into new ventures or rush into anything. “Horse persons” should concentrate on the task at hand, improve their skills at work and widen social relationships. For smooth business and other things in life, “Horse persons” should seek for support from the Goat or Tiger ones. However, like the Snakes, the Horses expect a year in which they mostly have to work things out alone.

2024 may not a good year for love and marriage for “Horse persons”, when getting into an intimate relationship may lead to bad results. A good relationship needs time to develop, so, the Horses don’t need to gallop and put too much hope in a relationship. Long-distance traveling or house building is not preferred this year also. Anxiety and depression probably “visit” them usually in the year of Dragon; so, the Horses should spend more time to take care of themselves, especially mental health.

The Horses born in 1978 is said to have a good fate in 2024, while those born in 1954 have the unexpected one with many obstacles in work and life. The horses born in 1930 and 1966 have a big chance to gain benefit in business, and succeed in work.

Snake Zodiac

Who are the snakes?

One will have a snake zodiac sign if born in the following time range:

  • Feb 10th, 1929 - Jan 29th, 1930
  • Jan 27th, 1941 - Feb 14th, 1942
  • Feb 14th, 1953 - Feb 02nd,1954
  • Feb 02nd, 1965-Jan 20th, 1966
  • Feb 18th, 1977-Feb 06th, 1978
  • Feb 16th, 1989-Jan 26th, 1990
  • Jan 24th, 2001-Feb 11th, 2002

Snake in the year 2024

The Snakes can expect a good year in 2024, when all seemingly bad things coming to them turn out to be good things at the last minute. However, “Snake persons” seem to hardly seek for support from the others, and have to work things out alone for the whole year.

2024 is not a wonderful time for people born in the year of Snake to open big projects or expand business in large scale. Stress in work can be an issue for the Snakes this year; hence, they should leave time for themselves and relax anytime possible. This year, “snake persons” should cooperate with the Rooster or Buffalo ones for success in business and more good lucks in life.

The Snakes are expecting a good year for traveling with many long-distance trips. The Snakes born in spring and summer time should travel to the West, while those born in autumn and winter should make trips to the Europe or Southeast Asia.

Snakes born in 1953 have a big chance to succeed in business and get good fame, but encounter some obstacles in work also. Born in 1965, the “Snake women” may get better fate than “Snake men”, though both of them have good opportunity to expand business. Those born in 1977 are said to be the luckiest Snakes this year.

Buffalo Zodiac

Who are the Buffaloes?

Buffaloes zodiac sign holders are those born in the following range:

  • Jan 25th, 1925 - Feb 12th, 1926
  • Feb 11th, 1937 - Jan 30th, 1938
  • Jan 29th, 1949 - Feb 16th,1950
  • Feb 15th, 1961 - Feb 04th, 1962
  • Feb 03rd, 1973 - Jan 22nd, 1974
  • Feb 20th, 1985 - Feb 08th, 1986
  • Feb 07th, 1997 - Jan 27th, 1998

Buffaloes in the year of 2024

The Buffaloes will experience a mixed year with a few ups and downs ahead. In general, the “Buffalo women” have better fate than men, and the Buffaloes born in spring and summer seem to get more good lucks than those born in autumn and winter. The first and seventh lunar month is said to be a hard time for Buffaloes with potential troubles; while the last lunar month of the year is a really good time, when things go smoothly.

2024 is a busy year for Buffalo persons with lots of work and new projects. They can expect a very good income, but big waste of money also. Hence, Buffaloes should stay away from speculative business and gambling this year. When doing big things, Buffaloes should look for cooperation and support from , Rooster or Snake persons for a smooth outcome. The men and women born in the Year of Buffalo should not cooperate in business or get into an intimate relationship this year.

The Buffaloes’ social life takes a big turn this year. One can expect new relationships or refresh the existing ones. Especially, single Buffaloes born in 1973 have a big chance to find out their partner. This year, good and bad things come to Buffalo persons equally; hence, to get a good year, one should keep good relationship with people around, avoid undue conflicts.

The Buffaloes born in 1949 should be careful with issues in workplace throughout the year. Meanwhile, 2024 is time for Buffaloes born in 1973 to make an investment, and watch out for overspending. Those born in 1985 can expect rather good results in your studying or work.

Tiger Zodiac

Who are Tigers?

Those born in the following range are in the tiger zodiac:

  • Feb 13th, 1926 - Jan 01st, 1927
  • Jan 31st, 1938 - Feb 18th, 1939
  • Feb 17th, 1950 - Feb 05th, 1951
  • Feb 05th, 1962 - Jan 24th, 1963
  • Jan 23rd, 1974 - Feb 10th, 1975
  • Feb 09th, 1986 - Jan 28th, 1987
  • Jan 28th, 1998 - Feb 15th, 1999

Tiger in the year of 2024

Tiger people probably do not get much good luck in the year of Dragon. The Tigers may encounter unexpected things like accidents, or health problems, and easily get in bad mood. Hence, they should take care of themselves, get a work-life balance, do more exercise, have a good diet and well-prepare before any long day trip.

The ninth lunar month is supposed the best time in the year for the Tigers when things go smoothly, while the fourth and tenth lunar month is not really a good time for them to do big things. The Tigers born in autumn and winter should do business or get into a relationship with Horse people for more good lucks. Remember that 2024 will be a good year for Tigers as long as they can stop the impulsive nature from getting them in trouble.

The Tigers born in 1950 are said to have good career development in 2024, while those born in 1962 may encounter many obstacles in work, though their capability improve significantly. Tigers born in 1974 have a big chance to get advancement in career, but they probably have accidents this year also. Hence, the 1947 Tigers should put more effort in work, and take care of themselves, especially in long distance trip.

Rat Zodiac

Who are the Rat? 

People born in the following date range has the Rat zodiac sign:

  • Feb 05th, 1924 – Jan 24th, 1925
  • Jan 24th, 1936 – Feb 10th, 1937
  • Feb 10th, 1948 – Jan 28th, 1949
  • Jan 28th, 1960 – Feb 14th, 1961
  • Feb 15th, 1972 – Feb 01st, 1973
  • Feb 02nd, 1984 – Feb 18th, 1985
  • Feb 19th, 1996 – Feb 05th, 1997

Rat in the year 2024:

2024 is believed to be a good year for people born in the year of Rat, with good lucks in career and money aspect. The “Rat person” will get a quick boost to their work, gain fast advancement in career, and have a big chance to approach management position this year. The talented Rats can expect a wonderful learning or working condition in which they can express and develop their potential abilities.

The second lunar month (around March) is supposed to be the best time in 2024 for the Rats, when they can get business smoothness, amazing financial benefits and surprising happiness. However, the Rats should keep a very close eye on their spending, and stay away from illegal business because they are easily entangled in lawsuit this year. Rats should cooperate with the Buffalo, Dragon and Monkey ones for business good lucks.

2024 may not be the best year in terms of love for the Rats. Single ones, who are looking for an intimate relationship, should keep in your mind that great things come to those who wait. High social status and powerful Rats should be careful in every act and word, because they could get in big trouble due to rumors.

The Rat people born in 1960 is said to have the best fate in this year, while those born in 1984 may encounter unexpected problems. The Rats born in 1972 should make big decisions and do great work in summer time, not winter. Young Rats born in 1996 should put much effort in studying; develop their potential abilities for a successful year and good later life.

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