Dog zodiac in 2012

Who are the Dogs?

Those having Dog as zodiac sign were born in the range:

Feb 14th, 1934 to Feb 03rd, 1935
Feb 02nd, 1946 to Jan 21st, 1947
Feb 18th, 1958 to Feb 07th, 1959
Feb 06th, 1970 to Jan 26th, 1971
Jan 25th, 1982 to Feb 12th, 1983
Feb 10th, 1994 to Jan 30th, 1995

Dogs in the Dragon year

The Year of Dragon seems not to give the “Dog persons” good lucks as much as they expect. Women born in the year of Dog is said to have a better fate then men. The ninth lunar month is the best time of the year for the Dogs, when things run smoothly as their expectation. In the fourth and twelfth lunar month, these persons should be careful in every act and word to prevent them from getting into trouble due to misunderstanding and bad rumors.

“Dog persons” tend to make large investment this year; however, they could make wrong decisions which may lead to huge financial loss. The Dogs are highly advised not to invest more than they can afford to lose, consult experts for right direction and check over documents many times before signing. The Dogs should cooperate with the Cats, Tigers or Horses to ensure the smoothness of work as well.

A big change in sentiment and relationships which cause large effect on money aspect awaits “Dog persons” this year. The Dogs should be careful in both workplace relationships and friendship. Just be calm, cautious with unexpected attractive commercial offers and they can have a safe and happy year.

The Dogs born in 1946 can expect a good life in 2012, while those born in 1958 just get a little good luck and may experience the decline of business. “Dog persons” born in 1970 welcome a great year with big financial gains and career development.

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