Buffalo zodiac in 2012

The Buffalos will experience a mixed year with a few ups and downs ahead.

Who are the Buffalos?

Buffalos zodiac sign holders are those born in the following range:

Jan 25th, 1925 - Feb 12th, 1926 
Feb 11th, 1937 - Jan 30th, 1938 
Jan 29th, 1949 - Feb 16th,1950 
Feb 15th, 1961 - Feb 04th, 1962 
Feb 03rd, 1973 - Jan 22nd, 1974 
Feb 20th, 1985 - Feb 08th, 1986 
Feb 07th, 1997 - Jan 27th, 1998

Buffalos in the year of 2012

The Buffalos will experience a mixed year with a few ups and downs ahead. In general, the “Buffalo women” have better fate than men, and the Buffalos born in spring and summer seem to get more good lucks than those born in autumn and winter. The first and seventh lunar month is said to be a hard time for Buffalos with potential troubles; while the last lunar month of the year is a really good time, when things go smoothly.

2012 is a busy year for Buffalo persons with lots of work and new projects. They can expect a very good income, but big waste of money also. Hence, Buffalos should stay away from speculative business and gambling this year. When doing big things, Buffalos should look for cooperation and support from Rat, Rooster or Snake persons for a smooth outcome. The men and women born in the Year of Buffalo should not cooperate in business or get into an intimate relationship this year.

The Buffalos’ social life takes a big turn this year. One can expect new relationships or refresh the existing ones. Especially, single Buffalos born in 1973 have a big chance to find out their partner. This year, good and bad things come to Buffalo persons equally; hence, to get a good year, one should keep good relationship with people around, avoid undue conflicts.

The Buffalos born in 1949 should be careful with issues in workplace throughout the year. Meanwhile, 2012 is time for Buffalos born in 1973 to make an investment, and watch out for overspending. Those born in 1985 can expect rather good results in your studying or work.

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