Vietnamese Fermented Pork Roll

Vietnamese Fermented Pork Roll

30 Minutes

20 Minutes

1 pound lean pork, rince, slide and grind well
1/2 pound pork skin, rince in warm water and squeeze out excessive water and let dry, slice as thinly as possible
1 bulb of garlic, peeled and minced
White peppercorns, wash and soak in water for about 10 mins, let dry
2 fresh hot peppers
1 bag of seasoning Nem mix (Found in Asian Grocery stores and contains salts and nitrites for curing)
3 spoons of sugar
Banana leafs, thaw and wash carefully 

1. In mixing bowl, combine ground pork, sliced pork skin, sugar minced garlic, peppercorns, sliced hot peppers and the seasoning Nem mix. Squeeze.
2. Divide the mixture into small equal parts
3. Wrap each part with fresh banana leaves into small boxy rolls
4. After 24 hours, fermented pork rolls are ready to be served. Put them in refrigerator to use in the next three days.

Requirements: The finished “Nem chua” should have a light pink color and a sour, sweet, salty and spicy smell and taste. “Nem chua” are usually served with fresh sliced garlic and chilli sauce.

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