Chicken stir fried with pineapple

Chicken stir fried with pineapple

30 Minutes

20 Minutes

•    1 Pound boneless chicken
•    1 Big pineapple
•    1 Red chilly
•    Tomato sauce
•    Chilly sauce
•    1 Tsp of pepper
•    2 Tsp of spice
•    1 Tsp of sugar
•    2 Tbsp wheat flour

•    Peel and core pineapple, slice into small pieces
•    Take out red bell pepper seeds, cut into square pieces
•    Chop chicken into square pieces, mix with spice, pepper, sugar for 20 minutes
•    Roll mixed chicken over wheat flour
•    Boil cooking oil, fry the above chicken pieces until they turn yellow
•    Add chilly sauce and tomato sauce to the pan, then add pineapple and red chilly, stir well
•    Heat for 5 minutes more so that the chicken is drawn with sauce and pineapple flavor

Serving suggestion: serve hot with cooked rice

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