Chicken simmered with coconut milk

Chicken simmered with coconut milk

20 Minutes

40 Minutes

•    1 Pound chicken drumsticks
•    ½ Cup fresh milk
•    ½ Cup coconut milk
•    1 Tsp of salt
•    1 Tsp of spice
•    1 Tsp of sugar
•    1 Tsp of grinded garlic
•    1 Tsp  of grinded citronella
•    1 Tbsp of grinded red chilly
•    2Tsp of curry powder
•    Cooking oil

•    Wash the drumsticks, then mix with spice, salt, and sugar for 10 minutes
•    Boil cooking oil, fry garlic, chilly and citronella then add curry powder, stir well
•    Put chicken into the above mixture for 30 minutes
•    Cooked the mixed chicken with small fire for 5 minutes, then add coconut milk, salt, sugar, heat until it is viscous appropriately

Serving suggestion: serve with cooked rice or vermicelli

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