Considering Vietnam

There is almost every reason for you to visit Vietnam.  

The country is filled with beautiful landscapes of rice paddy fields and tea hills, with world class beaches and globally renowned cuisines. Vietnamese people are famous for being hospitable and friendly. The culture is rich. The history is long and dramatic enough for you to spend years understanding.

You won’t be disappointed should you expect something radically different from your country of origin. Yes, every country is different but Vietnam is unique.  If you are a solo traveller who wants to trot the globe, you find a milestone in your trip. Vietnam is a must-come destination for many individuals who seek to see the world with their backpack and Birkenstocks.

Food and accommodation are competitive both in price and quality compared with other popular countries.  You will find yourself having a beer on the pavement with someone else and soon making plenty of local friends all around.  

If you are looking for honeymoon opportunity, Vietnam can be second-to-none. There are five-star hotels and resorts near the world most beautiful beaches, side by side with wild experience of climbing the Fansipan- the highest mount in Indochina. You can have a romantic dinner on a sailed boat along Perfume River or walk hand-in-hand along the Love Valley in Dalat.  

If you think holiday is time for your spouses and kids, bear in mind that Vietnam is one of the most family-friendly spots in the world. There are many family-oriented activities such as going camping in national park, bird watching, having a boat ride around Halong Bay or even simply taking a peaceful walk in world heritage site of Hoi An. You will learn and enjoy as much as your children do.  

Whoever you are, whenever you think of your next destination, consider Vietnam.

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