What $1 can buy in Vietnam

Although the cost of living has risen tremendously in Vietnam in recent years, you can still to live by with few dollars per day in your pocket. Below is a quick summary of what a dollar can be worth in various cities in Vietnam.

4 glasses of Beer

Bia Hoi Hanoi

During summer time, you will just see the word Bia Hoi (draught beer) pretty much everywhere. Even if you will never step outside of Hanoi Old Quarter, you can easily spot a few crowded "street bar" where people sit on stool and enjoy the chilled beer. For only 5-6,000 VND per glass, $1 will mean you get your belly fairly full of beer. (Photo: VietnamOnline)


1 bowl of noodle

If you are paying $2 for a bowl of noodle, please don't think you are ripped off because beef price is quite expensive. Apart from beef-related dish then everything else "noodle" is inexpensive, ranging from as little as 50 cents in Southern province such as Nha Trang or in Mekong Delta area. Of course quality varies, but with $1 you can have a hearty breakfast, including a cup of tea to go along. (Photo: Wikipedia)


1.25 litre of fuel


Before it starts to rise again, let's now enjoy the affordable gas price. Especially if you own a motorized vehicle, having cheap fuel just means you can go a longer distance for the same budget. Who does not like it when the gas price goes low? (Photo: Vnexpress)


Fruits, lots of fruits

Fruits in the cities such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City can be expensive, somestime comparable to what you got at your local grocery. However in rural area, especially where these fruits are grown, you can get a lot of fruits for your buck: 4 kilos of dragon fruit in Ninh Thuan, 10 kilos of rambutan in Mekong Delta, 30 guavas in Bac Ninh, 8 mangoes in Nha Trang, to name a few.

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