Cơm - (Vietnamese plain boiled rice)

Spreading out across the S-shaped land, enormous paddy fields are not only the symbol of Vietnam beauty, rustic and simple, but also the cradle of Vietnam culture, including the cuisine with rice as the main ingredient. After harvested, rice is processed into daily dishes (e.g. “cơm”, plain boiled rice) or regional specialties (e.g. “cơm tấm” , broken rice, “cơm hến”, rice with clams; “cơm chiên”, fried rice; “cơm nắm”, rice ball; “cơm lam”, bamboo rice, etc.). Vietnam cuisine varies somewhat by region, as does the cuisine made from rice. While the northwest charms guests by rice grilled in bamboo tubes, known as “cơm lam”, and the central is distinct with rice with clams, called “cơm hến”, nowhere can have broken rice or “cơm tấm” as great as Saigon (Ho Chi Minh city) does.

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