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Vietnam is blessed with different altitudes across the country, making both tropical and non-tropical fruits growable. Among those, strawberries are a miraculous gift that nature gives to this South-East Asian country.

Looking at a strawberry, the first impression is probably its bright, eye-catching red color. The berry is heart-shaped, with skin that is plump and smooth like a baby's. On the surface of the fruit, there are tiny holes to enhance the beauty. Notwithstanding, the most interesting part is probably the leaf that sticks out from the top of a strawberry that looks like an umbrella.

How to eat

Strawberries are one of the most delicious and sweet fruits that are packed with healthy nutrients. However, how to choose and eat strawberries in the right way is important. In order to choose fresh and delicious strawberries, look for ripe, smooth, glossy ones with no white or green spots. The best thing about strawberries is that you can just eat it without having to peel or cut it apart, just remember to wash the surface carefully with clean water before taking a bite.

Nevertheless, you should not have too much of this fruit in a day because the acid in strawberries will stimulate the stomach to release gastric juice, affecting the functioning of the digestive system. On the other hand, it is best to eat strawberries before a meal. This will help reduce the amount of food consumed for your stomach.

Where are strawberry grown in Vietnam

The temperate zones are the best area for growing strawberries, as this fruit prefers cool and chilly climates. However, whether in the Northern or the Southern region of Vietnam, farmers can still grow this berry because the heat-resistant strawberry variety has been widely available in the market. Moreover, thanks to modern technologies in Vietnamese agriculture, strawberries are grown and harvested all year round.

A noticeable land that is most famous for the majestic strawberry gardens can be named as Moc Chau and Dalat. Visitors can come there to admire the beauty of this magenta fruit all year round and experience the fascinating berry-picking tour.

Benefits of strawberry

Each strawberry contains enough vitamin C, which has an immune support effect for your body. In addition to being an antioxidant that fights disease and anti-aging processes, vitamin C in strawberry helps build collagen and maintains the elasticity of your skin. Presumably, eating strawberries at the end of a meal has been shown to help regulate blood sugar and insulin levels, meaning more stable mental and physical energy. It may also help reduce the risk of diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.

Food made from strawberry

In addition to its eye-catching color and delicious taste, strawberries are also widely used in cooking. This fruit is the main ingredient for dishes such as dessert, baking, juice, smoothie, jam, ice cream or served aside as a sauce for savory meals.

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