Traveling around all parts of the country, you can see the familiar image of longan trees grown everywhere. However, the image of the village longan tree has brought not just locals, but also tourists a lot of emotions. The villagers do not know when the tree was planted, how many years it lives and how old it is. They only know the tree stands there tall and firm despite the flow of time.

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When spring comes, thanks to the favorable weather, longan fruits will grow and thrive. The shell of the longan is brown like the color of the branch and the inside is crystal clear and has a rich sweetened taste. When a longan tree has fruit eaten by a bird, it is when the trees can be harvested. This is also the time when the children in the village climbed up the longan tree, picked the fruits down to eat and laughed happily together.

How to eat

Longan is a popular summer fruit in several Asian countries, especially in Vietnam. This fruit has a sweet taste, is easy to eat and is good for health. However, it can also have many side effects if not used correctly. In order to enjoy this delicious royalty fruit, first we need to peel it, squeeze the body with our hands so that the flesh inside slowly comes out. Place the fruit in your mouth and enjoy the sweet ivory-white pulp, remember to remove the seeds after.

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Where are longans grown in Vietnam

Longan is a tropical and sub-tropical plant. In Vietnam, longan is grown quite popularly along all parts of the country from North to South. Due to its high economic efficiency, in recent years, the cultivated longan area has grown rapidly. Longan is grown in many different regions, but the best are the ones originated from Hung Yen and Dong Thap.

Benefits of longan

In the ancient times, longan is considered the royal fruit and only be served to the King. But nowadays, it has become the everyday fruit that is widely consumed and loved by Vietnameses people. According to Vietnamese pharmacological documents, longan is a very healthy fruit. Accordingly, eating longan will help reduce anxiety, promote peace of mind, help you to sleep better, reduce body oxidation, enhance your youth and purify your skin. However, this fruit can also have many side effects. Eating too many longan in the summer can cause the body to heat up, increases the blood sugar which can lead to other diseases like obesity.

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Food made from longan

Longan dessert with lotus seeds (Che long nhan hat sen) is the first dish to mention when speaking of food made from longan. This is a typical Vietnamese dessert, with a deep sweet taste, rich lotus flavor, very suitable for cooling in the summer as well as beauty enhancement. In addition, it is also dried to make jam or dried longan, or served as an ingredient for savory and nutritious dishes such as longan stewed chicken, perfect for strengthening the body.

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