Tay Ninh

The Rooftop Of Southern Vietnam

Tay Ninh is a province in the southeastern part of Vietnam. It is adjacent to Cambodia to the West and the Northwest, Binh Duong Province and Binh Phuoc Province to the East, Ho Chi Minh City and Long An Province to the South. A demography survey of Tay Ninh in 2009 showed a population of 1,066,402 people. Nowadays, Tay Ninh consists of 8 districts and Tay Ninh City, which is also the province’s capital. Due to its important location as the connection point between Ho Chi Minh City and Cambodia’s Phnom Penh, Tay Ninh Province is included in the Southern Economic Region of Vietnam.
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With a height of 986 meters, Ba Den Mount - the highest mountain in southeastern Vietnam, is located in Tay Ninh. However, the topography of the whole province is pretty flat in general, an ultimate point that allows Tay Ninh to improve and adjust its agriculture projects. The climate in Tay Ninh is temperate with 2 different seasons: the dry season and the rainy season. The former starts from December to April while the later reigns during the period from May to November. As a result of its location in the mainland, Tay Ninh is hardly affected by storms or other natural disaster. The annual average temperature is 27.4oC and the annual average precipitation is 1800-2200 mm. Unlike the other provinces in the northern part of the country, Tay Ninh has only two big rivers: Sai Gon River and Vam Co Dong river, but canals are ubiquitous thorough the province.
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There are 26 ethnic groups residing in Tay Ninh, each of which has its very own customs, traditions that contribute to the overall dynamic culture of the province. Tay Ninh is also famous for its being the territory of Cao Daism, a syncretistic and monotheistic religion. In addition, the Cham and Khmer cultures, which are considered two of the well-developed early civilizations appeared in the southern Vietnam, have left many valuable traditions and historical sites in Tay Ninh. However, the thing that gives Tay Ninh its reputation is the province’s spectacular scenery. For example, 986 m high, Ba Den Mountain is a famous site with many myths, a history museum and a renowned temple known as Cao Dai Great Temple.

Weather / Temperature:
Humidity 64%
Wind 5.21 km/h
Sunrise 05:33 AM