Dau Tieng Lake

Dau Tieng Lake is a borderless body of water built by Tay Ninh people.

With a total area of 27,000 ha and a total volume of 1.5 billion m3, the lake is not only capable of providing water for the province’s agriculture but it is also one of the most visited tourism sites in the country.
Photo by @min_leO

Dau Tieng Lake is located pretty far from the residential areas. The water there is clear and clean. On sunny days, the surface of the lake reflects the bluish and deep color of the sky. The Cau Sung Mountain embraces the Lake to create a beautiful picture of the nature. The many islets such as Xin Islet, Trang Islet, and Dong Bo Islet are the fundamental points that make the picture stand out. In addition, the Poem Hill standing beside the primitive forest that encircles the lake is also another beautiful aspect of the wonderful complex. Around the lake, there are freshly green prairies full of colorful wild flowers. The scenery is ornate even more by the bees and butterflies floating above the flowers whenever a wave makes it into the bank of the lake.
Photo: en.35photo.pro

On the nearby Cau Mountain, Ong Temple overlooks the bourgeois scene. Following the path from Ong Temple, we can reach Cau Nom Lake, where the water also has a spotless transparency, the air feels cool and the atmosphere is of utmost tranquility.

Useful Information

  • Location: Dau Tieng Lake
  • Best for: All visitors
  • Entrance: 10,000
  • Hours: All hours
  • Distance to city center: 23.6km (14.7 mi)

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