Hanoi weather in September

The ending of the long rainy season in Hanoi is also the beginning of its beautiful autumn – the season of flower blossom and love. The beauty of Hanoi’s autumn is a popular topic of uncountable songs and poems can describe how wonderful it is.

September is the transforming time between summer and autumn, so the weather is cooler and more comfortable. Although the temperature is still in a high level, the hot in this time is not extreme than in June and July with less sunlight.  

  August September October
Average High 32 C degree 31 C degree 28 C degree
Average Low 27 C degree 26 C degree 23 C degree
Humidity 75% 73% 69%
Precipitation 196 mm 251 mm 146 mm
Number of wet days 18 days 15 days 14 days


Although its temperature range hasn’t changed much, in between 26 to 31 Degree Celsius, sunlight is not too strong and highest temperature remains below 35oC. The decrease of the humidity in combination with its cool breeze, soft sunlight and clear blue sky make Hanoi such a romantic place. Besides T-shirts and shorts, a good camera is recommended to capture charming tree-lined boulevards of milkwood pines or streets piled high with yellow leaves.

Travel Tips for Hanoi in September

In September, Hanoi proudly celebrates Vietnam’s Independence Day on September 2nd with many hilarious events organized around the city. Besides, shopping centers may offer discount and entertaining centers are always crowed with special events on the day.

Another exciting day ones may enjoy is Mid-Autumn Festival, usually occurs in the second half of September and some time at the beginning of October. During the festivals, Hanoi’s streets are colored in red with lanterns and children toys. Additionally, moon cakes are must-try if ones arrived at the time of the festival.

September is the last month of damp season in Hanoi, but it may still cause quite many rainy days, except for that acceptable detriment, Hanoi’s autumn is really worth a visit.

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