Hanoi weather in May

Although May is the last month of spring in Hanoi, it’s more like a summer month due to significant increase in its temperature and precipitation. The weather is sometimes unpredictable in May that several tropical depressions may still pass by in the month causing cold days.

  April May June
Average High 27 C degree 31 C degree 33 C degree
Average Low 22 C degree 25 C degree 26 C degree
Humidity 76% 73% 75%
Precipitation 91mm 183 mm 229 mm
Number of wet days 8 days 14 days 16 days

May’s weather seems not to be very mild as it is nearly as hot as summer months when daily average temperature varies between 25 and 31 Degree Celsius, while Hanoi rainy season is starting with 183 mm of precipitation and about 14 rainy days. Not to mention its heavy showers are unpredictable that may occur at anytime of the day. This type of rain doesn’t last very long but can still annoy tourists a little bit, but the bright side maybe a special experience of wearing raincoat and walking in the rain with your partners or friends.

Travel Tips for Hanoi in May

There are not many interesting events happening around the cities except for its Labour Day celebration with parading, art shows and firework night sometimes. 19th May is President Ho Chi Minh’s birthday when Hanoi is delighted with some monumental events both inside and outside Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum.

In general, Hanoi in May is not very interesting; but its low price index and sparse amount of tourist may score some marks.

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