Hanoi weather in July

July’s weather is exactly the same with June since overheat days are still dominating Hanoi for the whole month as well as keeping the same level of rainfall. The city seems to be most quiet during a day since its sky looks like being languid with the heat while its night is more crowded than any other time of the year with people walking around Hoan Kiem Lake or West Lake going black wind.


It’s getting even hotter than the previous month which can be seen in its increase in average night temperature to 27oC; that of day is remaining at 33oC. High temperature co-ordinate with high humidity (225mm) keeps creating heavy rains for about half of the month. Hanoi and the North of Vietnam in general are having their hottest month which is even hotter than the South. The Central’s climate seems to be mildest with low humidity.

  June July August
Average High 33 C degree 33 C degree 32 C degree
Average Low 26 C degree 27 C degree 27 C degree
Humidity 75% 72% 75%
Precipitation 229 mm 225 mm 196 mm
Number of wet days 16 days 17 days 18 days


Travel Tips Hanoi in July

Hanoi is rather boring in July, without special events and festivals. July is a time for beaches and sunshine, not smog and overwhelming heat! If you happen to be in Hanoi in July, however, this is a good chance for travelers to taste “Tra Da” (ice-tea), which is a unique beverage culture of Hanoi. Sitting on street side and sightseeing Hanoi’s busy life with a cup of tea is not a bad idea. Trang Tien ice-cream on Trang Tien Street would also most tasty at this time of the year. Additionally, taking short trips to sea province near Hanoi to sunbath or swim would help you make full use of the summer’s sunlight.

In sum, Hanoi alone is not so attractive to visit in July even when this is still tourism season of this city. Your trip maybe enhanced if you are willing to travel to beaches near Hanoi, but if you only want to visit the city, recommendation is to wait for one more months when autumn falls.

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