Hanoi weather in August

Milkwood pines’ blooming signals autumn has arrived at Hanoi. Although its temperature is still extremely hot, gentle wind blows more often giving people relaxing glimpse. In this seasonary transition month, Hanoi is silent and peaceful without many events or festival.

The daily average temperature is starting to fall, which fluctuates between 27 and 32 Degree Celsius. Vietnamese climate occupies quite a high and stable humidity, so there is not much change in this category around 75%. August is also the dampest month of the year with its precipitation of 296 mm, divided into 18 rainy days. 

  July August September
Average High 33 C degree 32 C degree 31 C degree
Average Low 27 C degree 27 C degree 26 C degree
Humidity 72% 75% 73%
Precipitation 225 mm 196 mm 251 mm
Number of wet days 17 days 18 days 15 days

In general, the weather is much milder than July because burning noon when it breaks 40C Degree is no longer existed. Raincoat, umbrella, short sleeve shirts and shorts are what ones need to prepare before coming to Hanoi in August.

Travel Tips for Hanoi in August

The most remarkable day of the month should be Vietnamese All Souls’ Day – a day off eating and feeding of the ghosts at temples around Hanoi, offering special vegetarian foods. Besides, this is the last chance for tourists to enjoy burning sunshine on beaches around Hanoi. One suggestion is Do Son beach where buffalo festival is held in the same month.

Hanoi August is not really special but it is not too bad either. Among 12 months, August should be ranked at the middle in term of attractiveness and lower end in terms of weather comfort.

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