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It is without doubt that café comprises a significant part of Hanoi’s culture. It is a common misperception that countries in East and Southeast Asia prefer tea over coffee. It is true that tea is served after the meals or in casual meetings, but it is coffee that constitutes an unmistaken Hanoi.

You can find a café in almost every street in Hanoi, with different types of decorations and specialty. The best coffee place can be found in West Lake- where you are often seated in a tall building with the gorgeous view of the Lake and its surrounding, and in Downtown area, where coffee is served with a filter and some condensed milk. Starbucks are not established, but you sure can mind delicious Moca or Frapuccino in upscale restaurants.

Fanny's Ice Cream

Address: 48 Le Thai To
Location: On the western edge of Hoan Kiem Lake
Phone: 043 828 5689

Food types: Ice cream, drinks, coffee
KOTO (Know One Teach One)

Address: 61 Van Mieu St
Location: Dong Da District, near Temple of Literature
Phone 043 747 0337

More about Koto.

Ciao Café 

Address 02 Hang Bai Street
Location: Near Hoan Kiem Lake 
Phone 043 934-1494

Food types: breakfast food, bakery, coffee
More about Ciao Cafe

La Brique

Hours Daily 10am-10:30pm
Address 6 Nha Tho
Location Around Town
Phone 04/928-5638
Prices Main courses 17,000 VND-70,000 VND ($1-$4.65)

La Place

Hours Daily 7:30am-10:30pm
Address 4 au Trieu
Location Around Town
Phone 04/928-5859

Little Hanoi
Hours 7:30am-11pm
Address 21 Hang Gai St
Location Around Town
Phone 04/828-8333

Little Hanoi (The Original)
Hours Daily 11am-11pm
Address 14 Ha Hien
Location Around Town
Phone 04/926-2129
Prices Main courses 20,000 VND-35,000 VND ($1.35-$2.35)

Moca Café
Address 14-16 Nha Tho

Paris Deli
Address 13 Nha Tho St
Location Around Town
Phone 04/928-6697

Address 29 Ly Quoc Su
Location Around Town
Phone 04/928-5246

The Deli
Hours Daily 6:30am-10pm
Address 59A Ly Thai To St
Location Hoan Kiem District, Around Town
Phone 04/934-0888
Web site

Thuy Ta Cafe
Hours Daily 6am-11pm
Address 1 Le Thai To St
Location Hoan Kiem District, Around Town
Phone 04/828-8148

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