Shopping tips

List of shopping tips for travellers to Vietnam.

Guide to Convenience Stores in Ho Chi Minh City

Guide to Convenience Stores in Ho Chi Minh City

Unlike many Western countries where numerous convenience stores are set up on almost every street corner, and most in a standardized form, the business of convenience store has by and large been an informal activity. Not until recently are more and more convenience chains springing up in Ho Chi Minh City, the economic center of Vietnam.


Hanoi What to Buy?

Hanoi What to Buy?

You are in Hanoi for the first time and allured by its diverse range of goods that you don’t know which ones are the essential you should buy? This article is going to make the complicated question become piece a cake!


Main Shopping Areas in Hanoi

Main Shopping Areas in Hanoi

At a loss where to start with your shopping adventure in Hanoi? Read this article for some navigation!


Shopping Tips for Buying Clothes in Vietnam

Shopping Tips for Buying Clothes in Vietnam

To save your money, it is suggested to go to local markets and make full use of your smile and bargaining tips to get the best deal. Almost all clothes items sold at local markets are made in China with low quality.


Ho Chi Minh City- What To Buy

Ho Chi Minh City- What To Buy

Ho Chi Minh City – What to buy ? This article points out some insiders' recommendations for visitors who are at a loss for ideas of what to bring home: souvenirs, gifts and everything in between.


Shoes Making in Hoi An

Shoes Making in Hoi An

You are anxious about having your own handmade shoes with the reasonable price while walking around, contemplating ancient architecture and enjoying the most mouth-watering cuisines. Hoi An is welcoming you!


InViet Travel Co. Ltd

InViet Travel Co. Ltd

Address: 9 Cau May Street


Buying books in Vietnam

Like clothing shops, while some bookstores in Vietnam are scattered along streets and even leave no trace down narrow alleys, other shops are close together on some streets so-called book streets such as Dinh Le Street, Trang Tien Street, Lang Street in Hanoi and Tran Huy Lieu Street in Ho Chi Minh City.


General Shopping Tips

Welcome to Vietnam, the new paradise for shopping. If you look at the surface, you will be disappointed by the large number of made-in-China items in just any cities. If you dare to search, you will be caught in a complete surprise.


Street Vending

Street vendors can be roughly divided into three types: those who constantly move around either by bike or on foot, those have a stable stand on a street and lastly, those who own a shop and expand their products on the pavement.


Supermarkets and Retailers

Supermarkets and Retailers

The retail market in Vietnam can be roughly divided into six types of modern distribution with specific characteristics, including hypermarkets, supermarkets, commercial centers, shopping centers, convenience stores and specialty supermarkets.


Shopping for Local Crafts

Tourists traveling to Vietnam are clearly impressed by traditional handicrafts and often take these as gifts for their family and friends when coming back home.


Shopping for Electronics

If you are searching for an electronic item while traveling to Viet Nam, a huge numbers of electronic suppliers are available to meet your demand. You can find a plenty of various gadgets and devices in countless electronics stores in Viet Nam.


Bargaining Tips

Bargaining is part of their culture as through bargaining people communicate with others, create and build up their relationship, not to mention a form of entertainment.


Furniture Shopping

Vietnam is a shopping paradise for not only traditional souvenirs but also antique furniture.


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