59 Van Mieu

Cuisine: International, Bakery, Coffee, Diner, Ice cream, breakfast, Lunch, Dessert, Take-out,

  • Cost 6
  • Food 7
  • Decor 7
  • Service 8


Established in 1996 by the good will of Jimmy Pham – an Australian Vietnamese with the goal of creating job opportunities for Vietnamese disadvantaged youth, this non-profit business grew from a small sandwich shop to a 120-seats restaurant in just 5 years.

KOTO Hanoi is located at 59 Van Mieu Street and also the flagship of this brand. There, customers may find a lavish menu of both international and Vietnamese dishes cooked by well educated trainees of the restaurant at relatively low prices but still promisingly delicious. Besides, many customers find KOTO enjoyable and relaxing with its quiet atmosphere inside the hustle and bustle of Hanoi.

Breakfast and lunch are served throughout the week while dinner is unavailable on Monday night giving trainees opportunities to relax and enjoy some social life. Interestingly, KOTO organizes cooking classes every Monday evening for any interested customers to join and be a part of KOTO.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE http://www.koto.com.au


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PAYMENT METHODS Cash, Credit Cards

Special Features Cooking class available


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Snacks and starters 

Soup of the day 40,000
KOTO Spring Roll Combo 90,000
Prawns on Betel Leaves 95,000
Veal 95,000
Chicken Quesadillas 85,000

Traditional Vietnamese

Pho Xao Bo 95,000
Nem lui -wrap it yourself 90,000
Hai Phong Style Noodles 115,000
Braised beef 120,000
Bun bo Nam Bo 90,000
Bun cha 95,000
Lemongrass Chicken Skewers 135,000
Fish clay pot 120,000


Sautéed Scallops 160,000
Classic Burger with Cheese 115,000
Duck and Mushroom Pie 125,000
Beer Battered Fish and Chips 95,000
Kiev Style Crumbed Chicken Breast 115,000
KOTO Spicy Fresh Pasta (V) 95,000


Sandwich and Panini

Grilled Chicken Open Sandwich 95,000
Ham Panini 85,000
Veggie Panini (V) 80,000
Classic BLT 80,000
Roasted Beef 90,000
Falafel Wraps 80,000
Spicy marinated chicken 90,000
Tuna sandwich 85,000



Roasted vegetables 95,000
Dalat Favourite Aloe Vera 110,000
Chili Beef 95,000
Banana Flower 90,000
Asian Coconut fish 90,000