Hanoi Coffee

The Second Floor Café

37 Dinh Tien Hoang

You are wondering about the name of the restaurant-the Second Floor Café? Let’s go there to explore yourself, find out the answer and have a cup of coffee in a peaceful ambiance.
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  • Food
  • Decor
  • Service
Eden Cafe

Eden Cafe

77A Tran Hung Dao

Not only does this restaurant serve Vietnamese food, it offers coffee and soft drinks as well. Whether you ask a cold or a hot cup of coffee, you will be served in just a few minutes.
  • Cost 7
  • Food 7
  • Decor 7
  • Service 7
Cafe Giai Kham

Cafe Giai Kham

32 au Trieu

Located in one of the main street in Hanoi, the restaurant is close to many entertainment places and shops. The restaurant features wooden style will all the table and chair are madeof bambooand feature the old style of Vietnam
  • Cost 0
  • Food 0
  • Decor 0
  • Service 0
Le Pub Xuan Dieu

Le Pub Xuan Dieu

9 Xuan Dieu

Le Pub Xuan Dieu serves Vietnamese as well as international fast food and drinks. It is a combination of modern Western architecture and traditional Vietnamese style.
  • Cost 6
  • Food 8
  • Decor 8
  • Service 8
Gecko Café

Gecko Café

56 Hang Trong

Located in an old street of Hanoi, the restaurant will bring you the most pleasant and comfortable ambiance with tasty food and good services. You can either have a full meal or just a small dessert here.
  • Cost 7
  • Food 6
  • Decor 7
  • Service 6
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