Hanoi Western

Le Pub Xuan Dieu

Le Pub Xuan Dieu

9 Xuan Dieu

Le Pub Xuan Dieu serves Vietnamese as well as international fast food and drinks. It is a combination of modern Western architecture and traditional Vietnamese style.
  • Cost 6
  • Food 8
  • Decor 8
  • Service 8


95 Giang Van Minh

The restaurant serves both French and Vietnamese food, as well as hamburger. Located in a quite street, the restaurant is an ideal option for those who don’t like the noisy of Hanoi
  • Cost 7
  • Food 7
  • Decor 7
  • Service 8
Pepperoni’s Pizza

Pepperoni’s Pizza

29 Ly Quoc Su

If you are keen on Western food, especially hamburger, pizza or pasta. It is worthy to visit this restaurant for.
  • Cost 3
  • Food 3
  • Decor 3
  • Service 4


3A Ngo Quyen

Visiting Tara restaurant if you are a Japanese or you are a big fan of Japanese cuisine or even if you have never tried Japanese food before. The restaurant serve all kinds of tranditional food made in Japan
  • Cost
  • Food
  • Decor
  • Service
Le Beaulieu

Le Beaulieu

15 Ngo Quyen
+84 4 38266919

The restaurant features an unique and modern style with romantic ambiance. Le Beaulieu will serve you with many typical types of Western food, in case you are not familiar with Vietnamese traditional cuisines
  • Cost 5
  • Food 9
  • Decor 9
  • Service 9
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