A Taste of Hanoi

39 Chau Long St

Cuisine: Vietnamese,

  • Cost 7
  • Food 6
  • Decor 7
  • Service 7



The name of this restaurant tells everything about its foods since the quintessence of Hanoian gastronomy is what customers may expect.

In opposite to its simple appearance, the restaurant’s interior is carefully decorated with luxury furniture of brown and yellow tones in association with black and white scenes of the old Hanoi along side of the wall. Since it usually welcomes large groups of expats and tourists coming to taste all the specialties of Hanoi, its tables and chairs are installed into long rows for the most convenience of customers.


A taste of Hanoi tries it best to create an antique space of Hanoi. The pictures of an unknown old corner, windy Long Bien bridge or Quan Chuong gate are hang on the wall, the music composed by famous writers of Hanoi is playing, and the location on small Chau Long street can indicate it.

Although A taste of Hanoi’s menu does not contain too many dishes, each customers may still find out one’s favorite. The foods here are also very simple but promising the most authentic and delicious Hanoian food ones may taste like Hanoian meat roll; Cha Ca; fish soup; sliced fish roll; Pho Ga and Tra Sen.


Take Chau Long St first. Keep going towards the end of the street. The resrtaurant is on the left hand side at the intersection of Chau Long and Quan Thanh St and close to Hanoi Luxury hotel.


HOURS 10:00AM - 10:30 PM

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