Old Hanoi

7 Ton That Thiep street

Cuisine: Vietnamese, Diner, Grill, Lunch,

  • Cost 7
  • Food 8
  • Decor 7
  • Service 7


The name of this restaurant reveal its main theme that customers would be brought 50 years back to the past of Hanoi where French antique architecture was still popular and the environment was filled with fresh air while bustle and hustle atmosphere of the modern Hanoi has not been so common. Old Hanoi was established on 17 June 2010 and was proudly launched by the world famous chef Gordon Ramsay.

The freshest and most authentic ingredients are the highest criteria of Old Hanoi to be cooked by its skillful chefs may provide customers a “truly old Hanoian style”. In here, one may request any Vietnamese food even it is not on the lavish menu of the restaurant. Not only impress customers by its food, Old Hanoi decorate its inferior with Vietnamese antiquities alongside black and white scenes of Vietnam.

Cooking classes organized by the restaurants have been recognized by many expats since one may take part in either daily or individual class. In which, attendees have chances to go to the markets to buy required ingredients then come back and cook under the guidance of professional chefs of Old Hanoi.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE www.oldhanoi.com


Nearest Attraction

PRICES $10-25

PAYMENT METHODS Cash, Credit Cards

Special Features Cooking class available


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Sample menu at Old Hanoi

Banana Blossom with chicken salad ($4.5)
Braised pork with cinnamon stick in clay pot ($5)
Grilled fish Old Hanoi style ($4.5)
Fresh spring rolls with shrimp and pork ($5.5)
Fried prawns with tamarind sauce ($4.5)
Gorden Ramsay's Ribs ($4.5)
Grilled beef in a bamboo tube ($4.5)
Banh xeo ($4.5)
Grilled chicken with lime leaves ($4.5)

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