Braised Tofu with Coconut

Braised Tofu with Coconut

15 Minutes

20 Minutes

-    3 packs of tofu (medium or soft)
-    1 Cup coconut
-    1 Cup coconut milk
-    Sugar, salt, pepper, cooking oil

1 - Cut tofu into medium square pieces, fry with cooking oil until it has golden brown color.

2 - Clean coconut, slice into pieces of  about 3 cm, season with some spice

3 - Boil sugar with some water to make caramel, put coconut pieces in, stir some minutes then pour coconut milk. When the mixture is boiled, put fried tofu in, season with sugar, salt, pepper. Continue to simmer until only one-third of coconut milk is left.

This dish is served hot with cooked rice.

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