Using Internet Away From Home

Thanks to the advancement of technology, you are wired to the world from almost every corner, unless you choose not to. When you are on your trip, it is understandable that you need to log on to the net to keep in touch with family, to update your travel blog and to check your bank account balances.  

It is never redundant to remind yourself that you are using public internet. Identity theft in Vietnam is getting more serious and prevention is better than cure.   Protect yourself with the following suggestions:  

1 - Always “log out” after you finish with your emails and whatever that requires an account and a password. Closing the web browser does not mean that you are automatically logged out. 

2 - Never choose “remember my password” on any of the website that you are using, especially if you are with a public computer. 

3 - Avoid checking your bank account at a public computer. If you have to, remember to delete internet history; browser tracking cookies and internet cache after you finish your session. To delete internet history, go to History (Firefox), right click on “today” and click “delete”. To delete Cookies, go to Tool/Options/Privacy. In the Cookies panel, click on Show Cookies and then on “Remove All Cookies” button.

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