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There are many options whereby you can reach out to more information about Vietnam. It is highly recommended that you buy a guidebook or bring a hard copy of essential information with you. This is not only useful for your trip but also extremely handy in emergency case.

Lonely Planet is dominating the market of travel guide book for its convenience, details and user-friendliness. You can visit your local bookstore for a copy or order online, directly on the website or on popular sites such as Amazon and Chapters.

Frommer is also another popular choice for travel guide book. Though the information is not as detailed and plentiful as Lonelyplanet, Frommer offers alternative suggestions with regard to food, accommodation and services. You can also get a copy of Frommer at your bookstore or buy it online.

With the advance of Internet, there are many online resources you can tap into to obtain more diversified information about travelling to Vietnam.

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